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Helmet for Mountaineering - Rock Climbing Safety Helmet

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About Helmet for Mountaineering

Helmet for Mountaineering, The super plasma provides the finest comfort and protection available. Increased shell thickness and a larger shell-to-head contact area offer improved safety. Increased breathability and active odor prevention are provided by the inside cushioning fabric.

The Up-N-Down inner harness's great degree of adjustability enables a precise and cozy fit. For improved visibility in low light or at night, hi-viz options are available. Size: 51-62cm 20"-24.4", Weight: 450 grams, Certification: ANSI Z89.1-2009, Certification: CE EN 397 You may be exposed to chemicals from this product that the State of California knows to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive damage.

Helmet for Mountaineering

Construction of Helmet for Mountaineering:

Kask helmets are known for their durable construction and use of high-quality materials. The outer shell is typically made of a robust and lightweight material such as polycarbonate or ABS plastic, which provides impact resistance and protection.

Impact Protection:

The helmet for mountaineering is designed to minimize the impact of falling objects or accidental bumps against rocks or structures. It features an energy-absorbing liner, usually made of expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, which absorbs and disperses the force of impact. 

Comfort and Fit Helmet for Mountaineering:

Kask helmets often incorporate an adjustable suspension system or a dial-based fit system that allows for a customizable and secure fit. This ensures comfort during long climbing sessions and helps keep the helmet in place during dynamic movements.


Climbing can be physically demanding, and adequate ventilation is necessary to prevent overheating. Kask helmet for mountaineering typically include ventilation openings or channels that promote airflow, keeping the head cool and comfortable.

Headlamp Compatibility Helmet for Mountaineering:

Many Kask helmets have built-in headlamp clips or attachment points, allowing climbers to easily mount a headlamp for improved visibility during low-light conditions or nighttime climbing.

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