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Hiking First Aid Kit UK - Survival Kit 147 First-Aid Kit Camping Hiking Military Emergency Hunting Fishing

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About Hiking First Aid Kit UK

The survival hiking first aid kit UK 147 is a comprehensive first-aid kit designed for outdoor enthusiasts, including campers, hikers, military personnel, hunters, and fishermen. It provides essential supplies to handle emergencies and address basic medical needs.

Key Features Of Hiking First Aid Kit UK

First Aid Tactical Medical Bag: 

Introducing our tough Survival Bag, skillfully constructed from high-intensity 600D Oxford fabric for durability. Available in BLACK with RED Cross Velcro Patch. It offers flexible storage with a roomy main compartment, zip-up pockets, and elastic organizer loops thanks to its unique ambidextrous sling design.

When the weather gets hot, enjoy the breezy mesh backing and securely tighten it with adjustable hip and chest straps for comfort. In addition to having a sturdy handle and two easy-to-access zippers, this bag is ideal for travel, cycling, and other activities.

First Aid Tactical Medical Bag

Hiking First Aid Kit UK with Tactical Pen:

This adaptable Tactical Pen will improve your tactical equipment. Designed for law enforcement, military, and fire personnel, it provides easy access through a convenient metal clip. This pen guarantees comfort and security whether you're working, traveling, or on the go. An invaluable complement to your daily carry necessities.

Notebook All-weather:

Green Pages and the CAMO Cover - With its camouflage cover and green pages, this all-weather notebook is perfect for keeping track of your excursions in any weather. This sturdy, small notebook is made to resist weather conditions, so it's the perfect travel companion for taking field notes and going on outdoor excursions.

Hiking First Aid Kit UK with Military Prismatic Compass:

ARMY GREEN c/w Pouch - The greatest army compass is now shockproof and waterproof, giving you unmatched accuracy and longevity. Professionals and adventurers alike rely on this indispensable tool for accurate navigation in any situation. Boost your outdoor activities with this dependable partner.

Pocket Chainsaw c/w ORANGE Handles and BLACK Pouch:

Hiking First Aid kit uk with its elegant pouch and eye-catching orange handles, this pocket chainsaw lets you unleash the power of convenience. This lightweight powerhouse is ideal for campers and outdoor lovers. It's small, effective, and slices through wood with ease, making it a necessary tool for your upcoming expedition. Never leave your house without it!

Water Bottle Clip:

This useful water bottle clip will keep your water bottle close at hand. Its convenient design ensures that you stay hydrated while on the road by fastening it securely to your bag, belt, or equipment. Bid farewell to stumbles and remain rejuvenated wherever your travels lead you.

Folding Shovel 40cm Pouch:

Experience the finest foldable military shovel for outdoor excursions with this multipurpose buddy. Crafted from steel, this multipurpose military shovel is ideal for gardening, camping, and survival. It saves you time and effort with its non-slip rubber sleeve and ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip.

You can easily and rapidly customize the tool to meet your demands thanks to the adjustable Al Alloy nut. Made with fine-grained, rust-resistant electrostatic spray powder technology, it is smooth and fine. It won't take up much room in your backpack because it is lightweight and compact. Take this useful item with you whenever you go outside.

Hiking First Aid Kit UK with Emergency Blanket 130x210cm:

Having our emergency blanket on hand will help you be ready for anything. This sturdy, water-resistant blanket is made to withstand any kind of weather. Its thermal insulation material ensures warmth and safety when you need it most, offering dependable protection for infants, kids, and adults.

Multi-functional Camping Light / Torch Solar Rechargeable - Metallic BLUE:

With a built-in lithium battery, this 3-in-1 camping light combines the functionality of a basic power bank, powerful lantern, and torch into one convenient package for maximum adaptability. It illuminates your area during outdoor excursions or power outages with its 200-lumen output. It changes to suit your needs with three modes and a 4–12 hour runtime.

Recharge using the integrated solar panel (fingers crossed in the UK) or AC cord (UK converter is provided) for dependable lighting everywhere. Strong, watertight, ideal for trekking, camping, and other activities.

Survival Bracelet Paracord Multifunctional:

Our survival bracelet, which comes with a whistle, compass, scraper, and little ferrocerium rod, is a genuine lifesaver. It's also made of sturdy paracord, so it's the perfect partner for any outdoor activity. With this multipurpose bracelet, you may be ready for anything.

Fire Starter Kit: 

With the help of our extensive fire starter kit, light your outdoor adventures. It comes with a large wooden-handled ferrocerium rod, a thick fire tinder, a striker, and a handy little black rope. arranged neatly and conveniently in a black pouch. you achieve the best possible spark creation, always be sure you scrape using the scraper's edge. Always be ready for fire, wherever it may occur.

Basic Fishing Kit:

With our basic fishing outfit, get ready for a day at the lake. Everything you need for a successful capture is included, including two floaters, two hooks, two weights, two swivels, and two fishing line loops. With this indispensable package, fishing expeditions will be a snap.


Hiking First Aid Kit UK with 2x Glow Sticks BRIGHT GREEN 24H: 

Use our light sticks to brighten your evenings! There are two glow sticks in this kit, and they can glow for up to 24 hours. They shine brightly for around 10 to 12 hours at first, but after that, they continue to glow dimly for more than 30 hours. Ideal for emergencies, camping, and celebrations.

Whistle - SILVER Colour:

With the help of our survival whistle, stay secure. Just give three quick, loud blasts, each lasting about three seconds, to alert for assistance. Whether you're trekking, camping, or in an emergency, this small but indispensable item is your lifesaver.

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing little kit

Got in preparation for a solo trip
Amazing little kit.has everything I wanted in it.the clip is very useful to clip to backpack

Great Value Bit of Kit

Packed with all you need in an emergency within reason, great value for money and easy stored in holiday case.

Perfect for office or car

Everyone should own this great gear for themselves. It contains all of the necessities for traveling away from home. Everything is available for a vacation, particularly for hiking. I'm glad I purchased it, and I intend to keep it in my car on every excursion.

Dawn C
Handy first aid kit

Excellent bargain with a wide assortment of products.