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Hockey Stick Holder Wall - Sliveal Hockey Stick Display Holder - Hockey Stick Display Wall Mount - Hockey Stick Fishing Pole Trekking Pole Hangings

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About This Item: 

Hockey Stick Holder Wall, This includes everything needed to hang one standard stick. Which has a set of Brackets, mounting hardware, mounting template, and other instructions. They have made items by hand.

Acrylic Material:

They have made it of 4 mm thick acrylic material. It is long-lasting and reliable in use. There is no need to be concerned about corrosion or wear like metal or wood materials. It has a stylish and sophisticated design with a glossy finish.

Wall-Mounted Design:

You may conserve room by mounting your own bats on the wall beside a collection of bat shafts that are arranged horizontally. It is a great present for any sports enthusiast or collector who has a baseball bat or other item of comparable size.

Easy to Install Hockey Stick Holder Wall:

Primarily, Installation takes only a few minutes! You can install and uninstall wall mounts quickly and easily. By, installing them on a flat wall simply requires the use of expansion tubes and mounting hardware.  That corresponds to the screws used for installation.

Numerous Applications:

Additionally, the Hockey Stick Wall Mount lets you store your stick without any effort or difficulty by mounting it to a wall or ceiling. Which is excellent for storing cues, trekking, skiing, and other poles.

Excellent Service:

Besides, this can offer high-quality services. You can contact us directly if you have any questions, and we will spare no effort to solve them until it provides you satisfaction.

Set Hockey Stick Holder Wall:

One package contains everything you need to hang ONE hockey stick.

Wall Setting:

Mount at ANY angle-even on the ceiling. It appears the stick is floating on the wall.

Hockey Stick Holder Wall Provide Protection:

Our Holders has a complete line with soft felt. So, the stick is very tight but well protecting. These will not scratch or chip your prize sticks!


This auction is for one set of black holders; for other colors, see our other auctions.

Moreover, Don't bother with expensive, bulky display cases....notice the stick, not the display. 

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