Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men
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Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men
Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men
Home Workout Cards Deck

Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men - WorkoutLabs Exercise Cards: Bodyweight – Home Workout Cards Deck

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Bodyweight Exercise Cards Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men with 60 Exercises and 12 No Equipment Routines Premium Plastic Fitness Cards. Forget about a weak paper that gets wet or crumpled quickly.

The sweat-proof and long-lasting waterproof plastic workout card set is built to last in the workout and the gym. You may conduct bodyweight workouts with the diverse card deck.

Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men

There’s no need for costly gym subscriptions. With these exercise cards, you may perform efficient home exercises to burn weight, tone your body, and increase muscle. Improve your health and fitness with quick, uncomplicated activities that you can practice anywhere.

Continue to grow and never stop with 60 HIIT workouts in the upper body, lower body, core, and complete body categories. Work through the 12 workouts and use the supplied templates to construct your limitless programs. Your home workout will never become boring. 

Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men

Size and Design of Home Workout Cards Deck for Women and Men:

Our training card deck simplifies and makes home fitness accessible to everyone. Follow the clear exercise images and written directions on the back with confidence, and progress from simple to difficult exercises and regimens.

Learn yoga and improve your skills in the comfort of your own home. The Yoga Cards enable you to practice postures outside of the yoga studio and learn and master them on your own.

Our Yoga Cards are used by teachers training students worldwide to learn asanas, Sanskrit names, the right form, and medical cautions. The cards are also great for class sequencing.

Avoid the stress of trying to keep up in a yoga class by taking the time to correctly position yourself for each posture and get its full benefits whenever and wherever you choose to practice.

On the face of each card, there are clear form and movement directions and targeted muscle areas. Plus, some lighthearted humor to keep things lighthearted.

 The adaptable card deck with bodyweight workouts allows you to work out anywhere, at any time, even on the go. No more justifications

Whether you’ve never worked out or spent hours at the gym, you’ll appreciate the diversity and challenge these Exercise Cards provide.

Work through the 12 included workouts, which can be adjusted for difficulty, and use the available templates to create your training programs. Or you could draw some cards and sweat.


Memorize your fitness program while you’re on the road! The bodyweight workout cards are portable and easy to use. Please keep them in your purse or travel bag at all times. 


Customer Reviews

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Great for all fitness levels!

The deck includes modifications for each exercise, which is helpful for tailoring the workouts to your individual needs and abilities.

Evie G
Great variety and easy to use!

I love this Home Workout Cards Deck! It has a great variety of exercises and the cards are easy to use and follow. The deck is well-organized and the exercises are categorized by muscle group, which is helpful for targeting specific areas.

Sophia Thomas
Convenient and Portable

I love that I can take these workout cards with me anywhere - whether traveling for work or working out in a different room of my home. They're compact and easy to store, making it convenient to get a workout in anytime, anywhere.

Benjamin Wright
Perfect for All Skill Levels

As a beginner to working out, I was intimidated by the idea of creating my own workout routine. These workout cards took the guesswork out of it and provided me with a simple, effective routine to follow. And as I progress, I can easily customize my workout by adding more cards or increasing the reps.

Olivia Clark
A Comprehensive Workout in One Deck

These workout cards are amazing! They offer a variety of exercises and routines that can be done at home, with no equipment necessary. The illustrations are clear and easy to follow, making it simple to get a full-body workout in just 30 minutes.