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Lap Belts for Wheelchairs - Wheelchair Seat Belt Lap Strap For Wheelchair Or Mobility Scooter Safety

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About Lap Belts for Wheelchairs

Lap belts for wheelchairs are designed exclusively for those who need seat belts on wheelchairs, especially on slopes, to reduce injury when people fall. It provides better care to prevent elderly or disabled drivers from slipping while driving. It is the first choice of nurses, home care workers, and nursing home staff.

Soft Cushion Lap Belts for Wheelchairs:

Our lap belts for wheelchairs latching mechanism is both simple and comfortable. The wheelchair connecting belt is made of nylon fabric, sandwich-structure mesh fabric, and built-in pearl cotton, making it softer and more skin-friendly for the patient and minimizing excessive rubbing during movement.

Lap Belts for Wheelchairs

Convenient and Fast:

With a simple clasp, our lap belts for wheelchairs may be easily changed to the desired size. Patients with mobility limitations can improve their look without the support of family members.

Target Users for Lap Belts for Wheelchairs:

People who suffer cramps, epilepsy, paraplegia, Muscle atrophy, or Parkinson's disease, are paralyzed or fall out of a wheelchair frequently.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
May Lim
Works well

Good product. Helps to secure frail elderly to the wheelchair.

Sharon Turner
It’s perfect

When my husband falls asleep in his wheelchair, this has proven to be a good option. He had a habit of leaning forward, and we were frightened he'd fall out. This belt secures him.