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Lats Pull Down Bar - Universal Lat Pulldown Bar Adjustable 4ft Multi Gym Handle Cable

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 About Lats Pull Down Bar

  1. Mira-Fit Sports-branded product
  2. The Universal Handle lats pull down bar is a flexible piece of gym equipment that may be used in both commercial and domestic settings.
  3. Traditional cable attachments are not created for anyone's unique mechanics, so why are they supposed to be used by two different people?
  4. You may modify your cable attachments to accommodate you and the workout you wish to complete using our adjustable bar.
  5. Our universal bar greatly improves seated rows, pulldowns, pullovers, tricep pushdowns, and bicep curls. Carabiners are shiny black and have nylon webbed rubber handles.
  6. Because of the length of this bar, it cannot be shipped to Northern Ireland, the Highlands and Islands, or the Isle of Man.

A neutral grip is ideal for preventing wrist pain and injury while simultaneously exercising the largest muscle in the back, the latissimus dorsi.

Special  Features: 


  • Rubber Grip Lat Pull Down Bar by Mirafit, 47"
  • Targeting different muscles is possible using three grip positions.
  • Ideal for pushdowns, rows, lat pulldowns, and other exercises
  • Appropriate for the majority of cable machines and multi-gyms
  • Movement is unrestricted thanks to the rotating centre eyelet.
  • Handles made of sturdy black rubber
  • Strong steel structure with chrome

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