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Lego Polybag Set - Animal Crossing Polybag Set For Outdoor Activities

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About The Lego Polybag Set

The LEGO Animal Crossing Lego Polybag Set is a small LEGO set that is part of the Animal Crossing theme, featuring the character Maple and a pumpkin garden. 

Key Features Of Lego Polybag Set 


Character Maple, a squirrel villager from the Animal Crossing video game series, is part of the collection. With distinctive characteristics and details, Maple's LEGO representation is made to look like she does in the game.

Garden Polybag Set


The set might include various accessories to improve the playing experience. These can be garden-related or have something to do with the world of Animal Crossing, such as ornamental pieces or tools.

Pumpkin Garden Lego Polybag Set:

A miniature pumpkin garden is built within the set. Usually, it has a few vines, pumpkin plants, and other garden accents. The design aims to convey the coziness and beauty of a warm pumpkin patch.

Building Experience:

Even though it's a small set, it provides a building experience where you may put the pumpkin garden and its accessories together by following the directions. It can be a pleasant and unwinding hobby for LEGO fans of all ages.


Because the Lego Polybag Set is made to be interchangeable, parts from other sets can be put together and utilized with one another. This set can be combined with other Animal Crossing LEGO sets or added to larger LEGO layouts.

Animal Crossing gift:

Fans of the video game series can play this as a solo or group gift for special occasions or birthdays, and it offers hours of fun role-playing and customization. 

Special Features -

  • Unique Packaging

  • Pumpkin Garden Build

  • Miniature Maple Figure

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Customer Reviews

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Bringing the Charm of Animal Crossing to Lego

The set was a joy to assemble, and it now holds a special place in my Lego collection. this polybag set is a must-have for anyone seeking a little virtual outdoor fun in the real world!

Unlock the Magic of Animal Crossing with Lego

If you're a fan of the game or simply appreciate the creativity of Lego, this polybag set is a fantastic addition to any collection. Unlock the magic of Animal Crossing in a whole new way with this enchanting Lego set!