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Litter Picking Stick - 82cm Aluminium Magnetic Litter Picker Indoor Outdoor Rubbish Grabber Hand Tool

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About Litter Picking Stick

The Litter Picking Stick is an 82cm long hand tool that helps to pick up litter and small objects, both indoors and outdoors. It features a magnetic tip that allows you to retrieve metallic items in addition to general rubbish.

Key Features Of Litter Picking Stick

Length and Reach: 

Because of its 82cm length, the litter picker can reach farther and requires less bending or stooping to pick up litter. This facilitates accessing objects that are on the ground or in difficult-to-reach places.

Litter Picking Stick

Lightweight and Durable Litter Picking Stick:

It is composed of aluminium, the tool is manageable and light. It is strong and sustainable for repeated use even though it is lightweight.

Magnetic Tip:

The magnetic tip on the litter picking stick makes it possible to retrieve metallic items like bottle caps, screws, and tiny bits of metal. This feature increases the tool's adaptability and broadens its use beyond simple litter collecting.

Indoor and Outdoor Use: 

The litter picker is appropriate for outdoor and indoor settings. You can use it in gardens, parks, streets, and any other location for removing trash and litter. You can also utilize it indoors for cleaning projects in warehouses, workplaces, and educational institutions.

Rubbish Grabber:

This tool's primary function is to remove tiny things and litter from the ground without requiring physical contact. Squeezing the handle of the device, which usually resembles a claw, enables you to securely grasp and hold onto objects until they are disposed of appropriately.

Notable Features -

  • Embedded Magnet
  • Variable Geometry Claw
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Trigger Grip
  • Good Quality
  • Lightweight

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product!

It picked up some very tiny things that I didn't think it would. My mobility is reduced while waiting on hip replacement so this is a great tool to help you.

Ok so far

I like how lightweight this little gadget is for me as I my arms aren’t strong due to disabilities/chronic illnesses.
Handy little gadget, would recommend but I haven’t had it very long.
Great price!

Very useful

I liked that the grabber is so lightweight


This grabber is lightweight and ideal for little tasks; nevertheless, it is not suitable for "heavy duty" activities due to its long, aluminum arm. It is ideal for "grab and get it" situations around the house, such as beneath tables, drawers, beds, etc. I ordered another because I love it!

Good value good practical device

Good value and practical picks up wool cotton strands and pins. I have one in most rooms plus one for picking dogs ball and toys in the garden