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Mallet Putter Cover UK - Golf Putter Head Covers Mallet Blade Headcover Protector Magnetic

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About Mallet Putter Cover UK

Whether your putter is a blade or mallet style, the mallet putter cover UK is made to shield and maintain its head. The magnetic closure mechanism on these head coverings allows for a quick and safe fit. 

Key Features Of Mallet Putter Cover UK

Putter Head Protection:

These head coverings are primarily made to shield the putter head from potential dings, scratches, and other damage that may happen while it's being transported or kept in a golf bag. They support the maintenance of your putter's look and functionality.

Mallet Putter Cover UK

Mallet and Blade Styles:

Odyssey provides head covers for putters that use either the blade or the mallet design. It guarantees a secure fit and safeguarding regardless of the type of putter you hold.

Magnetic Closure Mallet Putter Cover UK:

A magnetic closure mechanism is incorporated into the mallet putter cover UK. This makes it possible to install and remove the cover quickly and easily, guaranteeing a snug fit and making it practical to use on the green.

Durability and Quality Mallet Putter Cover UK:

Odyssey Golf has a reputation for manufacturing durable golf accessories, and their putter head coverings are no exception. Usually constructed from sturdy materials, they offer your putter long-lasting protection and can endure frequent use.

Brand Recognition:

When it comes to putters in particular, Odyssey is a respected and well-known brand in the golf market. Utilizing their branded head coverings will allow you to show off your affiliation with the company and give your golf bag a fashionable touch.

Specialties of Mallet Putter Cover UK

Using a mallet putter cover uk helps protect your valuable putter investment and maintains its appearance over time. It also adds a touch of professionalism and style to your golf bag.

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Customer Reviews

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Cheri Strickland
Beautiful Product

This club cover is beautifully made and a great quality, affordable and vibrant colors.