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neck stretcher uk
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Neck Stretcher UK - Cervical Neck Traction Device, Nimood Neck Stretcher, Neck Hump Corrector with G

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 About Neck Stretcher UK

According to studies, more than half of the population suffers from chronic neck pain, which causes unpleasant sleep and physical illnesses. Nimood researched and produced a neck stretcher uk with a unique ergonomic design and graphene heating to effectively relieve neck pain and boost blood circulation. Making a strong spine for you.

neck stretcher uk

Naturally Relieve Neck Pain and Stiffness:

Many modern-day jobs and pastimes include sitting at a desk and staring at screens in abnormal bodily positions. It causes neck pain, stiffness, and soreness, as well as bad posture. The Neck Stretcher UK restores natural neck flexibility and posture, resulting in relief of neck pain, stiffness, TMJ, and tension in just 10 minutes per day.

79% Effective in Relieving Pain and Slow-rebound Memory Foam:

The three-way cervical flexion opens and relaxes, the discs in your neck. The cervical pillow enables you to stretch your muscles at various levels, increasing neck and upper back flexibility and restoring natural posture.

Heated Like the Sun: Neck Stretcher UK 

Microfiber heating relaxes the outer muscle layers and increases blood flow in the deep tissues, allowing the neck to relax. The neck cloud relieves muscular tension in the neck, allowing blood to flow quickly to the neck and shoulder areas.

Superb Life Condition and Vacuum Packed:

Neck pain, stiffness, TMJ, or tension can all ruin your day. In easing your discomfort. Make a difference. By utilizing the Neck Stretcher UK, you may improve your mood, attention at work, posture, and sleep without pain. Don't worry about receiving used packaging because Hoover packaging is clean and safe. Slow rebound after opening, with no deformation.

How Do I Change the Temperature?

  1. No power indicator light when connecting electricity if there is no output;
  2. Press the button briefly to switch it on; the red and blue lights illuminate, and the temperature is 113°F.
  3. Short press the button again, and the red, blue, and blue lights illuminate, and the temperature is 125°F; 4. Short press the button again, and the red, blue, and blue lights illuminate, and the temperature is 140°F;
  4. Cycle through the three temperature settings, then push and hold for one second to turn off.
  5. Sensor short circuit protection; no output with a flashing red LED.
  6. Memory function: when it is shut off with the current temperature, it will immediately enter the last temperature when it is turned back on.

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Customer Reviews

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Awesome neck pain relief !!!

This neck stretcher is very comfortable and cradles my neck so well with the right support, I use it every night To sleep well. Thanks guys