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Phone Holder for Car - Universal Mobile Car Phone Holder Air Vent Gravity Design Mount Cradle Stand

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About Phone Holder for Car

Quick One Touch Lock/Release:

Using just one hand, the Rainway phone holder for car one-button automated locking system makes it easy to install or remove the phone. With its spring retraction structure on the inside. This bracket is tighter and easier to hold than other brackets, providing you with fatherly care for your cell phone. To charge the phone, connect the charger to the designated area at the bottom of the stand.

Phone Holder for Car

2023 Upgraded Metal Hook: Phone Holder for Car 

This phone holder for car metal hook is composed of surgical-grade stainless steel and heat-resistant PTFE material. Which allows it to fit 99.9% of round and vertical vents on the market.

The three feet grip firmly on the exhaust to hold it in place (the other brackets will wobble), by catching onto one of the car's exhaust vanes. retains your phone firmly without rattling or toppling over, even during extremely jolting rides.

360° Rotation Phone Holder for Car:

With only one hand, you can effortlessly switch between horizontal, vertical, or multiple layouts for your enjoyment. This air vent phone holder for car can be turned at different angles based on your preferences. The ball joint is designed to locate the optimal viewing angle for you. The most comfortable and safest vehicle experience.

Auto Clamp, Drive Smarter:

With just a simple slide to insert, the UGREEN phone holder for car automatically locks your phone by gravity, all thanks to a novel and inventive marketing mechanism. While driving, the robust, sturdy support of the extensible back keeps it from toppling over.

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Customer Reviews

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A Secure and Stylish Phone Holder!

This Universal Mobile Car Phone Holder Air Vent Gravity Design Mount Cradle Stand is a true winner. The gravity design holds my phone securely, providing peace of mind while driving.

Convenience at Its Finest!

The air vent mount is a genius addition, providing a clutter-free and easily accessible spot for my phone. If you need a reliable and hassle-free phone holder for your car, this is the one to get!


Simple to assemble or uninstall. able to grasp my phone while it's still in its case, which is convenient. The angle cannot be changed, so you have to prop it up with a pen beneath, which is the only annoyance!

Easy and secure

I bought this phone holder for the car because I frequently travel long distances and use maps; I've been using it for the past weekend and it's honestly incredibly helpful. I was worried that it wouldn't hold my phone well because of the cards in the back, but it feels pretty secure and doesn't slide around. It's a simple setup that can be twisted to turn in different directions depending on whether you want it on the left or right air vent. My boyfriend wants one right now.