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Plank Trainer - Portable Core Trainer Board - Yeeda Plank Trainer, Multifunctional Abdominal Core Exerciser, Abdominal Exercise Machine With Timer

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About This Product

Versatile Plank Trainer:

The Portable Core Trainer Board Abdominal Exercise Plank Trainer Machine can be used for a variety of exercises, including side flat exercises and exercises that require one hand or basic flat support. It is lightweight and portable.

Comfortable Workout:

The Plank Trainer contains a thickened elbow sponge pad that is anti-slip and sweat-absorbent, as well as a comfortable elastic grip.

Stable Construction:

The Plank Board Core Trainer is appropriate for a variety of body types thanks to its scientifically designed high-intensity aluminum tubes, which can be adjusted in width to suit various needs.

Improved Design Plank Trainer:

You may benefit from plate support and work on your core and waist muscles. The portable Core Abdominal Trainer is more stable and comfortable because it is built on the foundation of conventional floor support.

Ergonomic Design:

Equipped with an intelligent timed display and an exercise duration control function, this AB Workout Machine's compact design can accommodate the sporting requirements of a variety of groups.

Portable Plank Trainer Board Instructions for Display

Portable Core Trainer Board

Favorable Timing

In order to reset the clock to 00:00, simultaneously press and hold the minute key and the second hand key. Then, press the start/stop key once to begin timing and the start/stop key once again to continue timing.

Count Up Plank Trainer

To set the time, press the minute key and the second key simultaneously. To start timing, press the start/stop key. Press the minute key and the second key simultaneously to reset to 00:00. To silence the ringing after 30 seconds, simply hit any key.
0:00 to 99:59:59 minutes and 59 seconds

This multipurpose strengthening tool is well suited for training in push-up support, one-handed support, and plank support, among other exercises.

This exercise equipment can be used both indoors and outdoors in places like the office, the house, the gym, etc.

Specification: Black in color.
Composition: polypropylene (PP).

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great alternative for injury

Herniated discs ruled out floor planks, so I was at a loss how to train my core. This board though keeps my spine perfectly straight whilst delivering intense ab activation.

Added challenge without bulk

Crunches and sit ups weren't toning me like I wanted. This plank trainer engages my core in entirely new ways that deliver fast definition and zero bulk.

Beginner friendly core routine

Struggling to build core strength without visible results was so demotivating. A few weeks sliding around on this board though and I'm finally seeing my abs!

Freddie Setlhabi
Revived my interest in planks!

After years of the same old stationary holds, I needed a change. This innovative board completely reignited my passion for core work.

New core challenge

As a personal trainer, variety is key to continual progression. This plank board has levelled up my clients' abs like never before. Just a month incorporating it 3x a week and their cores are totally transformed.