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Portable Camping Shower - Outdoor Shower USB Rechargeable Shower Water Pump for Camp Hiking

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About Portable Camping Shower

A Portable Camping Shower with a USB rechargeable water pump is a convenient device for campers and hikers to have access to a shower while in remote outdoor locations.

Features of Portable Camping Shower

Indoor and Outdoor Shower Pump:

Transforms a sink or bucket into a cozy shower; on/off switch with a single touch. Typically 0.9 gal/min (3.5 L/min). water flow, before immersing the battery in water, and need to fasten the socket securely.

portable camper shower

Rechargeable Shower:

The 2200mAh USB rechargeable battery that powers the outdoor camping shower may run continuously for 40–60 minutes. You can fully charge it using a power bank, phone adapter, laptop, or automobile USB output.

In addition, it can prevent issues with loose contact and worn interface from other split-type batteries. The integrated battery has a longer service life and also is easier. You can recharge by opening the watertight lid of the charging port.

Easy to Operate:

Once the shower pump, water hose, and shower head are connected, submerge the pump completely in your bucket or tub of water, push the white button for a prolonged time to initiate the pump, and then watch as the water shoots up and starts to splash.

The outdoor shower kit includes a suction cup and S hook so you can install the shower head on any flat surface, such as a car window, or hang it above to enjoy a convenient, hands-free shower.

Compact & Portable Camping Shower:

Simple to transport and stow in a bag, backpack, or automobile trunk; ideal for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, child bathing, pet care, car washing, watering plants, cleaning windows and backyards, or scrubbing beach sand.

Multipurpose Shower Kit:

Simply use the portable camping shower for activities such as car washing, pet bathing, lawn cleaning, hiking, picnicking, surfing, beach, and summer camping. It's also the ideal present for your family members.

Special Features - 

  • Easy to use, this outdoor shower pump only requires one click to turn on or off.
  • A comfortable shower requires a flow rate of 4-5 L/min.
  • The built-in 2200mAh battery can be charged with a USB charging connection from a laptop, power bank, PC, or automobile adaptor.
  • Using the included suction cup, the shower head firmly adheres to any flat surface.
  • featuring a hook that allows you to suspend the shower head above.
  • Lightweight and small, it's a breeze to fit in your backpack and take anywhere.
  • Ideal for car washing, pet cleaning, hiking, camping, watering plants, and other activities.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
J. Collins
works great

I had an issue with the gas in my apartment and could only take cold showers. I bought this along with a bucket water heater and together they allowed me to take a great shower.

Tinika Greene

The shower was great!. Just wish there was a way to control the water flow. It uses a lot of water to take a shower.