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Power Racks for Home Gym - Dumbbell Barbell Stand Heavy Duty Weight Plates Holder High Quality EU Steel

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About Power Racks for Home Gym

Your home gym will remain organized with the help of our premium power racks for home gym. This organization rack is a fantastic addition to any home gym because it has seven weight bars for hanging weight plates, a shelf for dumbbells, and specially-made hooks for up to four barbells. 

Best Features of Power Racks for Home Gym


Our dumbbell stand will more than satisfy your needs with its straightforward and robust design. Your home gym will be put back in order with this gadget!

Power Racks for Home Gym


Designed for Weightlifters

Special hooks on the barbell storage rack allow you to store your barbells securely. Up to four barbells can be hung simultaneously.

Various Options

Since the hooks have a 33 mm diameter, you may hang any barbell with a minimum length of 110 cm from them.

Strong Shelf

A dumbbell storage shelf is located at the top. You can stack the whole set of weights on it without worrying about the apparatus getting damaged because it can support up to 150 kg. The dumbbell has an interior size range of 12 cm to 18 cm.

Weight Storage

Seven weight bars are included with the weight plate stand. Their diameter is 21.3 mm (0.8"), and the bars' combined maximum weight on one beam is 150 kg.

Sturdy and Safe Power Racks for Home Gym

A unique plastic footing that guards against scratches has been fastened to the bottom of the weight plate holder. In addition, all screws are protected from abrasion by black end caps. Even when carrying heavy weights, the 50 cm long base guarantees enough stiffness and stability.

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This is incredibly high quality and was very simple to assemble. So far, it's held up flawlessly, and I'm incredibly pleased with it!