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Professional Ear Wax Removal Tools - Ear Wax Remover Cleaner Soft Spiral Earwax Smart Swab Removal Set

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About Professional Ear Wax Removal Tools

Professional Ear Wax Removal Tools Silicone was used to make these ear-cleaning tips. designed with 2.5 cm (1 spiral) of elastic material, which is longer than other swabs and long enough to remove ear wax while protecting the ear without harming the eardrum.

  • To capture and remove ear wax, simply insert the device into your ear and twist it in the direction of the arrow.
  • Additionally, it can be washed in water and dried with a tissue.
  • simple to clean and store. With 16 replacement heads included in this package set, there is plenty to last for many more uses.
  • To release it, thrust the head forward while applying pressure to both sides.
  • Spiral design, custom fit, expert ear wax removal, and rapid ear dirt absorption. greater convenience and cleanliness.
Professional Ear Wax Removal Tools

These ear spiral cleaners are constructed of ABS and TPE, are safe, non-toxic, soft, and flexible, and protect your family's health. The ergonomic grip is bright and clean, feels lubricated, has a spiral pattern that makes it simpler to clean and presses against the ears.

The package includes 16 replacement soft heads as well as 1 handle. Suitable for teens, adults, and kids A must-have for travel and the home, a more comfortable way of life for your family. You'll be happy with our quick delivery and high caliber. a COMPLETE REFUND GUARANTEE!

Important Information

Silicone-based plastic spiral ear wax removers are softer, safer for ear canals, and more effective in cleaning out ear wax than cotton swabs and stainless-steel pick removers.
It is difficult to injure your eardrum while protecting it. good for usage by adults, teenagers, and families. Additionally, it is a healthy family way of life that will make your life enjoyable.

Advantages of our Professional Ear Wax Removal Tools:

  • One silicone ear wax remover head with a spiral design is soft and safe, clean, and has no dead angle for greater cleanliness.
  • Washable and replacement heads come in 16-piece sets.
  • Simply insert into the ear and twist in the direction of the arrow to grip and remove wax; easy to clean for oily ears with sticky dirt.
  • Portable and useful

Health Tips:

  • Avoid cleaning your ears with your nails since there are bacteria underneath.
  • Do not use it while moving to prevent injuries from accidents.
  • To prevent harm, don't press the tip into the ear canal.
  • Keep the handle and the head in the protective case when not in use.
  • Not applicable for the kids under the age of 12.

Storage Case

Package dimensions are 18 x 7 x 2.5 cm.


Store away from direct sunlight in a cool, dry area.
There is one ear swab handle in the package.
One storage case and sixteen replacement silicone heads

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