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Waxed Ear Plugs - Pure Natural Wax Ear Plugs Protection 8 Pairs Noise Reduction

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About Waxed Ear Plugs

Presenting Waxed Ear Plugs the secret to unbroken sleep at night. These earplugs, which are painstakingly made from soft, natural materials, are made to combine comfort and efficient noise reduction, so you'll always wake up feeling renewed.

Features Of Waxed Ear Plugs:

Natural Comfort:

Our earplugs feel soft and natural in your ears since they are composed of a special blend of hypoallergenic waxes. Get a tight fit that easily follows the curves of your ear canal to provide a barrier against outside noise without sacrificing comfort.

Waxed Earplugs

Gentle to The Environment:

Sustainability is something we support. Because of this, the materials used to make TranquilGuard earplugs are environmentally friendly and include bamboo fibres and organic cotton. You may rest easy knowing that you've made a decision that's good for the environment and you.

Effective Noise Reduction:

Bid adieu to disturbing sounds that detract from the quality of your sleep. The ambient noises that surround us, such as snoring partners, loud neighbours, and traffic, are muffled by TranquilGuard earplugs. Savour a calm sleep environment and awaken with renewed energy.

Reusable and Simple to Clean: Waxed Ear Plugs

Do away with single-use earplugs. Reducing waste is a priority for TranquilGuard. Because these earplugs are reusable and simple to clean, they offer a long-term solution for your peaceful sleep.

Usage of Waxed Ear Plugs

  • These earplugs are lightweight and portable, making them perfect for light sleepers, frequent travellers, or anyone looking for peace of mind while they sleep. 
  • For reliable sleep quality, pack them in the travel case that comes with them and carry them with you everywhere you go.
  • With a noise reduction rating of 27 dB, Quies natural boules wax earplugs are incredibly effective at keeping your ears safe and preventing hearing damage.
  • Keep your hearing and peace of mind safe from the damaging effects of loud talk and deafening noises!

These wax earplugs conform to the specific contours of your ear canal and warm to your body's warmth because they are composed of natural wax. You could even forget you're wearing them because they are so cosy! Hypoallergenic Quies wax earplugs are ideal for extended usage.

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Best ear plugs

These are easy to use and they stay in all night. I warm them up in my hands and pop them in and they stay put all night. They reduce sound better than any other ear plugs I have tried. Added bonus is; they don't make my ears sore! Thank you