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Punch Bag and Stand - 3-in-1 Freestanding Boxing Punching Bag Stand with 2 Speed Balls, 360° Relax Bar, PU-Wrapped Bag & Waterable Base

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About Punch Bag and Stand

Punch bag and stand For boxing enthusiasts and bodybuilders looking to work out, the boxing bag is the perfect option. Our punching bag with a stand can help you develop better hand-eye coordination since it simulates the motion of boxing, and its quick rebound promotes fitness and muscular growth. 

The heavy bag's robust base ensures that it has exceptional stability and can be supported by sand or water. Additionally, this punching dummy can accommodate the needs of the majority of users due to its adjustable height.

Boxing Training Center:

Two speedballs, a 360-degree reflex bar, and a PU-wrapped boxing bag, are all included in our 3-in-1 boxing bag. Due to this, using our punching bag with a stand allows you to work out effectively from home, the gym, or the office.

Adjustable Height Punch Bag and Stand:

This large bag's height extends from 160 cm to 230 cm, making it ideal for any height of use. The majority of people, including adults and teenagers, professional athletes, and boxing enthusiasts, can use this punching stand.

Punching Bag Stand Cheap

Fillable Freestanding Base:

This punching dummy's base can be filled with sand, water, or a combination of the two to hold the punching bag in place. Additionally, the boxing bag has twelve suction cups for improved stability. The boxing punching bag is simple to move and store when empty.

Physical Fitness Punch Bag and Stand:

Boxing is a beneficial stress-relieving activity! This boxing bag may help you get a terrific workout and increase your heart rate while improving your hand-eye coordination and timing.

Indoor Punching Boxing Bag With Stand Dimensions:

Dimensions in total: 88L x 50W x 160-230H cm. Base Dimensions: 50 by 27 in. A mix of 45 kilograms of sand and 30 kg of water, or 44 kg of each, can be placed in the base. This item ships and arrives in two boxes, so that you know. Each box's delivery time may be different. Box count: two.

Punch Bag and Stand Features :

  1. An entertaining and active approach to keep you busy and entertained
  2. Two speedballs, one 360-degree reflex bar, a 3-in-1 function, and a PU-wrapped boxing bag.
  3. Adjustable height: extends from 160 to 230 cm, ideal for any height of use.
  4. Sand or water can be added to a sturdy HDPE base.
  5. It can fit most of the ground thanks to the bottom's 12 strong suction cups.
  6. This exercise set can help you increase your heart rate for a terrific workout and improve your hand-eye coordination's timing, speed, and accuracy.
  7. Made with a strong steel frame, a comfortable and durable PU cover, and tight stitches to ensure long-term use.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

We have had this punching bag for a month now and its been a hit omat our house! Hubby, teenagers and preschooler all love it. Its sturdy as well. We opted to put sand in ours.

Charles Talbot
perfect for different users

I highly recommend this punching bag stand to anyone who wants to improve their boxing skills. The adjustable height is perfect for different users, and the speed balls are a great way to mix things up.

Billy Atkinson
great addition for my home gym.

This stand has been a great addition to my home gym. It's easy to move around and the two speed balls really add some variety to my workouts.

Hannah Gibbs
surprised by the quality of this punching bag stand

I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of this punching bag stand. It's heavy-duty and can handle even the most aggressive workouts. The speed balls are a fun and challenging addition

Daniel White
it's been a great investment

I've been using this stand for a few months now, and it's been a great investment. The speed balls are a great way to work on my reflexes, and the punching bag is perfect for getting out any frustration.