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inflatable punching bag for kids
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Punching Bag for Kids

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• Stay Active & Fit : 

Work out and hone your fighting techniques with our boxing punch bag. Kicks, punches, and other techniques can be practiced to perfection on this punching bag for toddlers and adults!

•Built For Daily Use:

Forget about boxing bags that quickly pop or crack after only a few days of use. This freestanding punching bag is made of PVC and is 0.3 cm thick, ready to take your blows.

Easy Setup: 

It only takes a few seconds to set up this upright punching bag. You just need to place it in an open area, fill the base with water or sand, add air to the base and body, and you're ready to go.

This boxing accessory for kids and adults at home boasts a sophisticated black color and white stripes on top. Our inflatable punching bags are all designed to complement contemporary tastes.

· A Wonderful Present -

Struggling to come up with a present for the fitness enthusiast in your life? Whatever the occasion, give the gift of dependable kickboxing gear with this standup boxing bag for toddlers and adults.

· Designed for Strenuous Exercises : 

The issue with most inflatable punching bags is how quickly they become broken or punctured after taking strong blows. The PVC used in our inflatable punching bag is 0.3 cm thick, adding to its strength and durability. You may either set up this standing boxing bag in your home gym or out in your backyard. When you're done with it, the punching bag is simple to deflate and fold for storage.

Improve Your Exercise Program: 

Utilize this inflatable punching bag to improve your strength, power, and hitting technique. The bag immediately bounces back after each punch you throw, making it ideal for practicing your quick punches and timing your haymakers. Your agility, speed, balance, and coordination will be greatly improved. Additionally, using this upright punching bag is a great way to encourage your kid to participate in sports and martial arts.


Use the inflatable punching tower bag for some fun family exercise.
• It improves reflexes and balance.
• Made of long-lasting PVC
• A water-weighted, stable, anti-leak base.
•A foot pump is included for quick inflation.

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