Rebounder trampoline
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mini trampoline
Rebounder Mini Trampoline - 40” Rebounder Mini Fitness Trampoline, Outdoor Sprung training Aerobic Trampoline
Rebounder Mini Trampoline - 40” Rebounder Mini Fitness Trampoline, Sprung training Aerobic Trampoline
Rebounder Mini
Rebounder Mini Trampoline - 40” Rebounder Mini Fitness
Rebounder Mini Trampoline
Rebounder Mini Trampoline
Rebounder Mini Trampoline - 40” Rebounder Mini Fitness Trampoline,
Rebounder Mini Trampoline

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Rebounder Mini Trampoline - 40” Rebounder Mini Fitness Trampoline, Outdoor/Indoor Mini Trampoline, Sprung training Aerobic Trampoline

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Size:40" Inch
Style:Without T-Bar

Fitness Rebounder Mini Trampoline not only is lightweight, safe, and quiet sports equipment but also provide a way more fun to exercise. Daily 10 minutes of jumping would efficiently burn calories, strengthen blood circulation, equals 1-hour cycling, 30 minutes running or 20 minutes swimming, and Keep a good figure. Multiple uses for indoor fitness such as yoga sport, jump sport, stretching sport or gym sport and so on.

  • All workout routines, including yoga, Pilates, and beach body exercises, can benefit from the use of resistance bands. The fitness band set is ideal for strengthening hips, legs, chest, and abdominal muscles. The threaded non-slip handles, ankle straps, and door anchors that come with the kit are meant to help you work out your muscles more thoroughly and get greater fitness results.
  • Fitness trampoline is built of a solid steel frame and tough waterproof oxford fabric and may be used both indoors and outdoors.
  • A rebounder mini trampoline with three height levels from 116-132cm and an adjustable handlebar makes bouncing safer and height friendly for youngsters and adults. 
  • The trampoline net has a removable padded PE edge that prevents jumpers from stepping into bungee cords, allowing you to jump safer and more confidently.
  • Weight Capacity: 100kg; Overall Size: 101L x 101W x 116-132H cm; Exercise Trampoline Overall Size: 101L x 101W x 116-132H cm
    Rebounder Mini Trampoline

Why You Need a Rebounder Mini Trampoline?(Benefits Of Trampoline Exercises:)

  • Trampoline exercise allows you to quickly burn off excess fat, better than jogging and aerobic exercise.
  • It strengthens your bones, muscles and cells.
  • It doesn’t require you to go to a gym,and allows you to work out along with your kids.
  • It boosts your metabolism,increase your lung capacity or balance body in a better way.
  • Trampoline workouts can help in reducing stress levels.
  • Trampoline workouts are also great for strengthening the joints and ligaments.
  • Another benefit of trampoline workouts is detoxification.

Customer Reviews

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Menna Carla
bought for kids

I bought this for my kids this summer. They just loved it. Quality is good. Best part is it can be folded which makes it transportable. Though we did not go out so far but thinking to utilize this quality.

I've only had it for a couple of weeks, but so far, so good!

This is a well-made product. My wife and I have been using it for a couple of weeks and so far so good.

Worth to purchase this

This rebounder is excellent. I raised my time leaps over the course of six weeks, going from 2 to 5 minutes to 20 to 30 minutes. At age 44, I am 5'6" and 205 pounds. Despite my long absence from rollerblading, the muscle I've built up through leaping allowed me to go last week with my kids. I didn't even get hurt when I fell. I haven't dropped any pounds yet, but I think that will change in a few more weeks because I've added muscle so quickly. If I remember, I'll attempt to update in a few more months. The price of this rebounder is really low.

a good product. simple and affordable

I bought my trampoline to help me with my weight-loss goals. It came in great shape and was quick and easy to put together. I only recently started using it, and I adore it.

Worth to purchase this

Really high quality product. Good support available online and on YouTube. Excellent for those who need exercise in apartments or those looking for a lower-impact method of cardio.