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Respiratory Muscle Trainer - Mucus Cleara Removal Device Help Lung Exerciser UK

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About Respiratory Muscle Trainer

Small and Portable

Small and portable respiratory muscle trainer, can be put into a bag and carried while walking.

Respiratory Muscle Trainer

Safe Use: Respiratory Muscle Trainer 

The respiratory muscle trainer simultaneously works the muscles of inspiration and expiration. It is trouble-free and easy to use.

Adjustable Gear

Easy to use, adjustable gear position, and scientifically developed.  This breathing exerciser evaluates your lung capacity, enables you to monitor your development, and keeps the air sacs in your alveoli inflated.

All Ages Suit

Many purposes and is appropriate for all ages.

Effective Tool:  

Our pulmonary breathing exercise apparatus is a useful instrument in the treatment of allergies, pulmonary fibrosis, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Customer Reviews

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RELX 4384
Well designed and it really helps

Nicely designed unit, it helps my spouse strengthen her lung capacity to be able to speak louder. Highly recommended.