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Sads Light Therapy - 10000 Lux Natural Daylight Sad Light Therapy Lamp

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About Sads Light Therapy

With the Sads Light Therapy Lamp, you can conquer the blues and welcome happier days. This therapy lamp, which is made to resemble the spectrum of natural sunlight. Provides a non-invasive way to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), also referred to as the winter blues.

Key Features Of Sads Light Therapy

Upgraded UV-Free Full Spectrum 10,000 LUX Light Therapy Lamp: 

Release 10,000 lux (light level) of natural sunlight. This can provide 6500K of light for light therapy. Which is useful in boosting energy and combating seasonal variations, jet lag, shift work, and the winter blues. Gives your body the messages it needs to feel renewed, focused, and energized. The brilliant light that is kind to skin and eyes and doesn't flicker or glare.

sad lamp

Memory Function & 4 Timer:

When you turn on the SAD light therapy lamp again, its built-in smart memory function will remember your previous brightness setting and automatically default to the optimal option. 4-timer setups that are convenient (15/30/45/60 minutes). It is advisable to start with 15 minutes a day and gradually increase the duration to an hour or more until you meet your individual needs effectively.

Modernized Button Control and 90-degree Folding Bracket Stand:

Updated technological version, The sad lights have a button control system. Which makes it easier to adjust the timing, colour temperature, and brightness. You also don't have to worry about the buttons not working. The SAD lamp features a large light-emitting therapeutic area, provides uniform illuminance, has a standing mount that rotates 90 degrees, and allows you to adjust the opening angle to position the light as desired.

Adjustable Stepless Brightness & 3 Color Temperature:

With the smooth dimming button function of this Sads Light Therapy, you can simply control the brightness level from 10% to 100% to 10% by long pressing the power button for two seconds. You may select the best hue for your needs from the three colour temperatures it offers you (warm light, daylight, and natural light), which replicate the light of the sun in the morning, night, and evening.

A Wonderful Gift For Your Family and Friends:

  • For Christmas, our light treatment lamp is the ideal present.
  • Presents for Father's, Mother's, and Valentine's days.
  • Friends and relatives should be given our full attention when they are feeling down, and we should allow the good vibes to linger.
  • I hope that sunshine fills every one of our lives.
  • Extremely portable due to its ultra-thin design and lightweight profile.
  • One light treatment lamp, one power adapter, one 1.5-meter Type-C cable, and one user manual are included in the package.

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