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Silicone Cupping Set - Cellulite Massager, Anti Cellulite Cup Massage Roller, Vacuum Massage Cup Kit Body Cup Set Health Beauty Care

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About This Item :  

It has been demonstrated that using a Silicone Cupping Set can reduce discomfort, enhance blood flow, reduce cellulite, relieve joint and muscular pain, reduce tension, and eliminate body toxins. Increase the healing rate for physical injuries, scar tissue, and sports injuries.

Vacuum Massage Cup Kit Body Cup Set Health Beauty Care, Large & Medium Cup/Body Roller Brush, Silicone Cupping Therapy Set with Cellulite Massager.

Silicone Cupping Set

Cupping Set:

Silicone Suction Cupping is quickly gaining popularity due to its many benefits, including being affordable and unbelievably comfortable. Shovan Silicone cups are lightweight and simple so that you can use them anywhere and anytime, including on your trips.

For Health:

Circulation of the blood and lymph is enhanced by cupping massage. Many common disorders can be prevented and treated to aid in relaxation, encourage sound sleep habits, and enhance general health. Even sore muscles and joint problems may benefit from it.

For Beauty :

Shovan Cupping massage can help the capillaries function better, alleviate wrinkles and dry skin, and make the skin more elastic, supple, and smooth. Additionally, it is frequently used for weight loss, and regular usage on your neck, back, chest, legs, and thighs, among other places, might help you get rid of cellulite.

For Material:

Shovan Cupping massage can enhance the capillaries' health, repair wrinkles, and dry skin, and make skin more elastic, supple, and smooth. Additionally, it is frequently used for weight reduction and can help you eliminate cellulite by regularly using it on your neck, back, chest, legs, and thighs, among other things.

Indication for Use Silicone Cupping Set:

Applying should take 15 minutes. Following cupping, skin discoloration is common. In a few days, it will vanish. Please consult the instruction booklet or perform a YouTube search for "how to use silicone cup." 

Safety :

The cups are silicone; hence, they are suitable for usage and provide heat resistance up to 250 ° C.

This method eliminates orange peel on the thighs and abdomen without using chemicals. However, remember that it will take some time for benefits to show and that using it for the first time can be uncomfortable.

You can do it on your legs, chest, back, and neck, and massage your skin for 8 to 15 minutes daily.

How to Use Silicone Cupping Set:

  1. Massage the cellulite-prone area with body cream, soap, or massage oil.
  2. Press gently to create a cupping cup
  3. Place the  Cupping Cup on the skin
  4. Massage the skin for 8 to 15 minutes while gently moving the cup over it in straight or curved motions.

Customer Reviews

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Not received what I ordered

I ordered a cupping set priced at £9.99 and received a single cup.


For tired muscles, this silicone cupping therapy set and cellulite massager is fantastic! It feels wonderful on the skin and definitely helps to release any tension. At first, I had some reservations regarding cupping therapy, but this set is incredibly simple to use and highly effective. My skin's texture has improved, and cellulite's appearance has been diminished. High-quality components were used to create this cupping therapy set, which also includes a useful storage bag. It's a fantastic value for the money and has improved the appearance of my skin significantly.

Easy to use and work great!

These work great! Massage therapist quality!

Beatrice Olivia Brown
Great for sore muscles" -

This silicone cupping therapy set and cellulite massager is amazing for sore muscles! It really helps to relieve any tension and feels great on the skin. Highly recommend!

Courtney Corley
Cost-effective alternative to professional cupping therapy

The set is easy to clean and maintain, and it can be customized to different parts of the body. It could also highlight how the set is a cost-effective alternative to professional cupping therapy.