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Silk Turban for Sleep - Silk Turban Bonnets For Women Twisted Sleeping Night Cap Pure Silk Hair Wrap Cap

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About Silk Turban for Sleep

Presenting the ultimate in fashion and hair maintenance—the Silk Turban for Sleep. These exquisite twisted sleeping headdresses are expertly crafted from pure silk, providing a beautiful blend of style and functionality. You can protect your hair as you sleep, enhancing its natural shine, and waking up to softer, more radiant hair every morning.

Silk Turban for Sleep

We make these turban bonnets with the finest quality silk available. To further improve the softness and comfort of our turban bonnets, we double-layer them.

With so many various colours and designs to choose from, you may choose a turban that perfectly complements your style. They can also be precisely modified to fit your measurements.

Features of Silk Turban for Sleep

  • Boost your level of comfort and living standards.
  • It's a fantastic complement to your hair's beauty and wellness routine.
  • You will always have a pleasant and cosy night's sleep thanks to our silk bonnet.
  • Silk improves sleep quality by balancing your senses, calming your nervous system, and stimulating various skin sensory areas.

    Benefits of Silk Turban for Sleep

    • Your hair won't get tangled or harmed by a silky, non-abrasive fabric, keeping it safe.
    • Retains moisture in hair: Silk helps to keep hair hydrated, which can help to lessen frizz and dryness.
    • Avoids hair breakage: Silk is a delicate material that won't rip or harm your hair.
    • Silk clothing is comfortable and cool, which might improve the quality of your sleep.
    • Minimises hair loss: Silk may help reduce hair loss by preventing breakage and friction.

      Give your skin and hair the greatest treatment possible to enhance your evening beauty regimen. Our Silk Turban Bonnets combine superior craftsmanship with the incomparable benefits of silk to guarantee that you awaken each morning looking radiant and relaxed. Savour the ultimate in luxury and self-care by giving in to the allure of silk against your skin and hair.

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      Note: Due to human measurement errors, please allow 3-5 mm discrepancies. Due to differences in displays, the item's colour may not be precisely depicted in the photograph.


      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Amy G
      Great very handy

      It’s great for putting your hair out the way when you want to sleep or if you have a wig.


      I adore this! I always wear my hair in braids. I use this to prevent frizz in my hair. I wake up with flawless hair since it remains on all night.

      Keeps hair in-check

      My wife wears this to keep her hair in-check, if she’s going out later or just overnight and it appears to work well. The turban is comfortable, good quality and is adjustable. The item is comfortable, and we haven’t had any issues.

      Athena L Vivanco
      Surprisingly good!

      It took me years to come to terms with my curly hair. After reading so many positive reviews, I decided to finally get a silk sleep bonnet. Despite my first doubts, I'm delighted I purchased this one! The fact that the elastic is adjustable allows you to achieve the ideal fit. My hair is so more calmer in the morning and I've noticed a significant decrease in breakage and frizz. Purchasing this sleep hat has made me very happy.

      Lisa Gibson
      Best sleep cap

      I adore everything about it.incredibly smooth silk and the ideal shade of blue; the real thing seems better than the photo. You will not be let down at all!