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Sit Up Bar Gym Exercise Workout Equipment - Sit Up Assistant Device Floor Gym Exercise Fitness Training Workout Self-Suction

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Style:With Pull Handle

Sit Up Bar Gym Exercise Workout Equipment

SitUp Bar Gym Exercise Workout Equipment works for the rectus abs, and abdominal fat. It helps to burn your calories. In addition to that, it shapes up your hip flexors, chest, and neck. Your posture and lower back is saved and your gluteal muscles. You can perform sit-ups or abdominal curling exercises to achieve fitness. It provides the facility to train abdominal muscles, slim your waist, and reduce belly fat.

How to Use Sit Up Bar Gym Exercise Workout Equipment

Sit Up Bar Gym Exercise Workout Equipment

Firstly, Lay the mat (yoga mat) on the ground; press the suction cup switch to fix the product on the floor surface. Try to find a smooth and seamless ground. Now, make the height adjustment buckle face itself.

Secondly,  Adjust the height of the foam. The height adjustment buckle helps to set the height properly. Seat in a  comfortable movement position.

Please note, When doing abdominal exercise, put your feet on the foam to keep the waist tightly on the ground to protect the lumbar spine

Packing list:

  • Suction cup fixing device * 1
  • Height adjustment lever * 1
  • Pull handle * 1
  • Manual * 1

Our fitness is very important for our health and personality. Due to the current scenario in the global world, Home exercises are becoming comfortable. Going to a Gyp, especially in Uk, Can face restrictions due to the current epidemic situation. So, We need to keep up with our exercise. Our immunity system should increase so that our health can fight disease. To create our body feet and home exercise, This product is essential for working out.

Customer Reviews

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Freddie Setlhabi
Good piece of equipment for the price

Great value for money. The only issue is that you have to wipe the base of it and the part of the floor that you plan to use it on, before it sticks. Once it’s on the floor, it won’t move and works great.

Abdominal muscles at home.

This is a great idea but for me it needs much stronger elastic pull cords. I am admittedly out of shape (that's why I got it) but the pull cords are much too weak for any assist from using your arms. They offer only 10-20 pounds (my guess) of resistance for helping you to use your arms to help sitting up. For someone lighter & younger that might be enough. I am going to try to find stronger cords that will offer 50-75 pounds of force to get started then I should hopefully be able to gradually work my way down to not needing any assist.

Good for chest exercises!!

Light weight, compact and easy to use.

Daniel Johnson
Good for targeting the abs!

This bar provides great support for my feet during sit-ups and the foam padding ensures that my feet stay comfortable during use. It's also very lightweight and easy to store when not in use.

Easy to Use and Portable

The bar is a cost-effective alternative to gym equipment, and how it can help to improve core strength and tone the abdominal muscles.