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Squat Machines for Home - Adjustable Deep Abdominal Bench Leg Crunch Gym Exercise Multi Function Squat Machine

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About Squat Machines for Home

Introducing the newest addition to our collection of top-notch commercial training equipment:

The max strength squat machines for home. This fantastic piece of equipment is specifically made to maintain the lower leg vertical during a freestanding "sissy squat". an exercise that is frequently underestimated but is excellent for strengthening the lower body and toning the quadriceps and glutes.

It can be done as simple as folding your arms or, for a true challenge, as long as you're holding weights like dumbbells or kettlebells. This is another excellent piece of equipment from Maxstrength Fitness. That is compact, ergonomic, and highly effective. It is also a great addition to any commercial gym at a great price.

Adjustable Cushion and Ankle Joint:

This leg press machine's height is adjustable in four positions, ranging from 41 to 48 cm, to suit the needs of various user groups. Concurrently, the Foot Holder Can Be Adjusted In Four Ways To Help You Find The Best Exercise Posture. In Addition To Fixing Your Feet In Place.

Squat Machines for Home

Strong & Durable Materials Squat Machines for Home:

The sturdy, thickened steel pipe used in the construction of this squat machines for home has a weight capacity of up to 150 kg. While offering a comfortable environment for exercising. The premium PU cushion will protect your body from injury and give your body strong support.

Multi-Function Squat Machine:

This home gym fitness equipment facilitates a variety of workout styles. Including deep squats, sit-ups, and push-ups. Which effectively activate the muscles in your thighs, abdomen, back, and other body parts to improve your strength, balance, immunity, and other aspects of your health.

Portable Design & Easy Storage Squat Machines for Home:

You can easily carry the squat machines for home to room and store it in a corner or under the bed without taking up much space because it is lightweight and compact. It's Perfect for Using in Home Gyms.

Excellent Anti-skid Design:

At the base of the base are four anti-slip pads that, when in use, can effectively increase friction, improve overall stability, and shield the ground from scratches. Additionally, when performing sit-ups, the supportive tubes at the back give you dependable grips without slipping.

Features of Squat Machines for Home


  • Extended Stainless Steel Base, 
  • With a Non-Slip Foot Plate, Safe And Stable.
  • The Foot Rest Can Be Adjusted 
  • Easy And Quick 
  • Dimensions: 39"X 21.2" X (16.5"- 19.7")
  • The Weight It Can Hold Upto 150kg.



Benefits of Squat Machines for Home

Leg Strength and Muscle Tone:

The sissy squat exercise helps you develop strength and definition in your leg muscles by focusing mostly on the quadriceps.

Core Activation:

By using your core muscles to balance the machine, you can also develop and stabilize your core.

Better Joint Health:

By strengthening the surrounding muscles, doing controlled squats on this machine can help improve the health of your hip and knee joints.

Functional Fitness:

Increasing your total functional fitness through sissy squat strength can make daily tasks simpler and more effective.

The adjustable squat machines for home is a reliable addition to your fitness routine. Offering a targeted lower-body workout that can help you achieve your fitness goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, improve strength, or enhance your overall physical performance. This machine provides a convenient and effective solution.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Elliot G.
Home Gym Dream

Space is tight but this machine packs in a full lower body blaster into minimal footprint. Squats, lunges, step-ups - it challenges my legs from every angle faster than any other piece.

Perfect for Seniors

Maintaining mobility as an older gent is crucial for independence. But traditional squats always aggravated my joints. This machine removes pressure whilst progressing strength in a controlled glide.

Client Results Skyrocketed

My bootcamps emphasize functional compound lifts but incorporating this variable angle machine has taken physique changes to new levels.

Sculpt a Beach Bod Fast

Having 4 kids left little time for the gym unless I brought it home. This squat machine has genuinely given me bikini ready legs within 8 weeks of focusing the 20 minutes I could find daily.

Injury Recovery Reinvented

Bad knees had me stationary cycling endlessly to maintain strength without pain. Week 1 on this bad boy though showed muscle retaining at a rate I never thought possible.