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Stomach Exercise Equipment - Abdominal Trainer Core Abs Exercise Chair

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About Stomach Exercise Equipment

Multiple Exercise Modes:

This stomach exercise equipment is made to engage every muscle in your body. It enables you to perform sit-up exercises, target and tone your inner thighs, and perform aided push-ups while also strengthening your core. Ideal for working out different regions of your body at home or at work, burning calories, growing muscle, and developing healthy body form.

Stomach Exercise Equipment

Sturdy and Durable:

This ABS rocket chair has a solid steel frame and a small, adjustable design.

Sturdy Construction:

The support frame for our belly training machine is constructed of sturdy iron pipe that won't readily deform. As a result, it can give you better stability and safety when exercising. 100 kilograms is the maximum weight permitted.

Soft Foams:

Soft foam rollers for the back can help prevent weariness during workouts in addition to supporting protection. effectively relieve back discomfort brought on by inactivity. A safer and healthier manner to work is provided by handles that are comfortable to hold.

Suitable for Different Occasions:

Not just suitable for use in the gym, but also ideal for use at home. You may reap the rewards of a rigorous workout without ever leaving your home. Create a home gym and work out whenever you want.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Effortless HIIT Style Abs

Squeezing higher intensity ab training was major struggle in my schedule - until now! Just 10 minutes smashing out quick circuits on this chair shreds layers faster than any crunch.

Enhanced My Physique Faster than Ever

Years of grinding away in the gym yet my stomach never transformed how I wanted. This abdominal chair upgraded everything in just a month though - I'm finally seeing fitness model definition emerge.

Revamped My Home Workouts

Keeping my core strengthen between busy shifts was always tough. But now a quick 10 min chair session fits in perfectly during ad breaks or cooking. The variety of exercises means short and intense blast my abdomen in new ways.

Finished My Core Transformation

My abdominals has come a long way but still battled that last layer of pudge no matter my diet. After just 2 weeks consistently using this chair though you could see clear definition happening daily.

6 Pack Popped Out Fast

I've tried every gadget under the sun but nothing gave me such fast visible ab changes like this chair. Just a month doing 10 min sessions whenever I had downtime and my stomach is tighter than ever before.