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Tummy Toning Belt
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Tummy Toning Belt
Tummy Toning Belt
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Stomach Toner Belt - ABFLEX Ab Toning Belt and Ab Stimulator for Slender Toned Stomach Muscles

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About The Stomach Toner Belt

You may enhance your stability, balance, and posture with a strong core and with the help of Stomach Toner Belt. Additionally, a stomach toner belt reduces the chance of sports-related injuries and relieves lower back pain. The nerves in the abdominal region contract and relax in response to electrical pulses.

99 Different Levels of Intensity

With 99 intensity levels, you may control 10 belly-busting settings with an easy-to-use, hand-held controller. You truly own the power to control your health. Increase your resistance progressively after starting off softly. Always remember to add on with a nutritious diet and sporadic physical activity.

Physical Therapists Recommend It for

Imitate Abdominal Workouts:

Electric Muscle Stimulation involves sending electric impulses to your skin through electrodes. Your abdomen contracts and relaxes as a result of electromagnetic impulses passing through it in this scenario. Put another way, the same muscle groups used for sit-ups and crunches also help you get in better shape. Avoid changing the pads.

ab toner belt

Minimal-Maintenance Equipment:

Unlike other ab stimulators on the market, this belt is pad-free. It's a comfortable, high-quality belt that fits snugly around your waist. Exercise physiologists have commented that it's setup with the ideal workout environment. The final outcome? a much extended shelf life and less trouble.

Midsection Is Slim:

Put a tiny bit of the gel on your abdomen, then tighten the belt. Using the remote control, find the ideal level and intensity for your current fitness level. Time is saved because the results are almost instantaneous. One cannot argue with success. You won't want to go back once you get hooked on having toned abs.

Feel Its Power at Work:

A small droplet of gel (included) applied to the circle pads is all that is required to begin going. It will function even at the lowest frequency level. Start with 30 minutes of use and extend it over time. Do you feel uncomfortable? You've just identified an area that requires further attention.

Included is a Carrying Case

Rock-hard abs will quickly become your addiction, and you won't want to miss an opportunity to tone. We've included an additional carrying pouch in addition to the belt and bag so you may work out wherever you are. Additionally, a comprehensive instruction booklet will be your guide.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Finally flattened my stubborn pooch

Nothing got rid of the annoying lower pouch no matter my diet or exercise efforts. After 2 months with this slimming belt though, it's practically gone! I especially love using it whilst watching TV in the evenings - easy peasy toning.

Quick results I didn't expect

At 43 I thought tight skin was a lost cause but this tummy toner has proven me very wrong! After just 6 weeks of 30mins use 4x a week whilst working, I am astonished at the visible tightening. It's like it's lifted everything back up!

Transformed my belly bloat

As a new mom my stomach never returned to its pre-baby flatness despite exercising. This slimming belt tightened it up where nothing else could. I wear it an hour daily and always feel it working my abs.

Abs are finally emerging

I've tried everything over the years to get rid of my lower pouch but nothing has worked until this belt. The electrical impulses are just enough to engage my muscles without being painful.

Works surprisingly well!

I was sceptical that this belly toning belt would make much difference but I'm a believer now. After just 2 weeks of use a few times a week, I'm noticing noticeable tighter skin and definition starting.