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Teeth Flossing Sticks - 300pk Dental Floss Sticks | Interdental Tooth Harps Teeth Picks Oral Plaque Care

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About Teeth Flossing Sticks

Teeth Flossing Sticks, a pack of 300 dental floss sticks or interdental tooth harps/teeth picks can be a convenient and effective tool for oral plaque care.

dental floss sticks

These floss picks aren't just for grownups; kids may also use them to clean their teeth. These handy dental harps can help your kids form healthy oral hygiene practices from an early age. 

Notable Features -

  • High Quality
    Easy to Use, Smooth and Strong
  • High molecular

  • Easy to carry, flossing anywhere anytime

  • Away from oral problem

Key Features Of Teeth Flossing Sticks

Premium Cleaning & Protection:

Teeth Flossing Sticks With 300 excellent floss sticks included, the SOL dental floss picks box is incredibly economical for the price it costs. Premium quality thread, which is more flexible and robust, is used to make the threads. As a result, the prolonged friction between the teeth and the thread significantly reduces the damage to the teeth. 

floss picks

Durable Teeth Flossing Sticks:

Our dental floss picks include strong, non-breaking thread. Our incredibly thin, smooth comfortable floss tape glides in between teeth with ease.

When used properly, it never snaps and holds up well. Dental flossing is a more efficient way to remove food particles and plaque from between your teeth than ordinary toothbrushing can.

Floss Anywhere:

Teeth Flossing Sticks sturdy plastic container easily holds all 300 toothpicks and floss sticks.

Our floss stick is ideal for long-distance travel, weekend camping in the woods, attending an all-day event, or simply needing some dental floss sticks or plastic toothpicks on hand for use at home or at work.

Simply store the plastic box in your pocket, glove compartment, or backpack so that you always have 48 convenient floss picks on hand. 

Works Well to Eliminate Food and Plaque for Less:

You might say that's what all floss picks do, though.  Like high-end brands, our dental floss can get rid of the debris without hurting your gums. You may now prevent tooth decay and maintain dental hygiene without having to pay a high fee for it.

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Frances M.
Great price

These are great, much cheaper than I pay in chemists, will continue to buy