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Tennis Racket and Balls - Aluminium Tennis Racket Set (2 Rackets & Ball) Suitable For All Ages

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About Tennis Racket and Balls

Toyrific Pro Baseline tennis racket and balls are the ideal companion for kids. Who want to learn the fundamentals of tennis or who are looking for a summertime activity to enjoy. The tennis set comes with two rackets, a tennis ball, and a convenient zip-up travel bag.

Young children may simply utilize and improve their talents with these sturdy rackets because of their extremely lightweight design. Children can begin playing against friends and family right away because the grip tape and strings are already wrapped. Playing tennis with the Toyrific Pro Baseline Junior Rackets is not only a great way for kids to get exercise but it's also a lot of fun.

High-quality Guaranteed:

Every tennis racket and balls have undergone testing to ensure that it genuinely satisfies the demands of professional players, reducing the risk of injury and enhancing performance.

Tennis Racket and Balls

Power and Precision Tennis Racket and Balls:

The control, accuracy, and comfort of this tennis racket and balls are its defining features. It is strong and lightweight, so you can strike the ball with a lot of force and good shock absorption.

Bidirectional Fiberglass:

The fiberglass cloth used to make the racket gives it more flexibility and durability. Three layers of titanium oxide-infused epoxy resin impregnated in aluminum fiberglass.

Grip Handle:

With an adjustable safe wrist tether and a comfortable, non-slip grip handle that resists sweat, Avert wrist swing, and paddle slippage when playing. improved large-size grip that better fits your hand.

Vibration Control Tennis Racket and Balls:

With a full-size carbon frame and precise triangle-shaped hand support with a soft memory core, we have created the Padel, which offers a basic yet flawless mix of power, reaction, and control with exceptional durability.

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Customer Reviews

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John Smith
Very easy to use

Fits me perfectly, very light, ergonomic and easy to swing around. Would recommend. The material is nice and I can grip it easily.