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The Bullworker Exerciser - 90mm Bow Portable Home Gym for Strength Training

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About The Bullworker Exerciser

The bullworker exerciser is an easy-to-use personal gym, you can shape your legs, build your chest, sculpt your back, tone your abs, strengthen your shoulders, and more.

Bullworker's Bow Classic barbell focuses on muscle growth using 7-second isometric holds, which have been shown to engage more muscle fibers and increase strength up to 66% more quickly than lifting weights.

Choose from resistance ranges of 0–40 pounds, 0-70 pounds, 0-100 pounds, 0-130 pounds, and 0-160 pounds.

Ideal for fat-burning and safe, quick muscle training at home or on the go.

Bullworker is a pioneer in providing you with low-impact, functional strength and fitness that builds stronger, more flexible bodies for a healthier, more active lifestyle. By selecting one or a combination of our fitness disciplines, you can begin to reap the rewards of Bullworker training. Get ready for a quick change in your physique.

The Bullworker Exercise

Benefits - 

Strong Resistance: To swiftly increase muscle size and strength, use high resistance levels.

Muscle Toning and Targeting: To concentrate on muscle targeting and toning with muscular concentration, use lower resistance levels.

Low-impact exercise: When it comes to increasing your bone and muscle density, go the simple route.

Practice your triceps: Utilize your full-featured personal cable machine. To build and tone your triceps, perform the triceps pushdown and other workouts.

Bullworker: The Science Behind It

Over 200 tests were conducted over a ten-year span as part of the study at the prestigious Max Planck Institute in Germany. Although five workouts per week are required for best results, impressively, just one workout per week is enough to sustain your gains.

At the University of Connecticut, Professor James A. Baley put the theory of isometrics to the test with a group of undergraduate students. According to the study, the isometric training group improved on tests assessing increases in strength, endurance, coordination, and agility three times more quickly than the sports training group.

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A very practical device

The ability to swap out the resistor allows us to select the solution that works best for everyone 🏋