Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
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Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro
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Toeless Yoga Socks - Tucketts Women's Allegro

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About Toeless Yoga Socks

Toeless Yoga Socks patented Allegro style toeless grip socks provide the barefoot sensation while keeping your feet warm and dry. For yoga, barre, Pilates, martial and aerial arts, pole fitness programs, and even pedicures, these Mary Jane-style open-toed grip socks are ideal. 

Non-slip Toeless Yoga Socks: 12

The non-slip yoga socks include sticky spots on the bottom that provide a greater grip for increased stability and balance. It allows you to stay safe, prevent injuries, and have better control over your body motions.

Comfortable :

The bottom is thick for comfort. The anti-skid frictions on the bottom have a stylish design and have an incredibly powerful anti-skid effect, making them ideal for activities like yoga, pilates, barre, Bikram, ballet, fitness, etc.

Performance Blend :

We want to make sure that our customers get the most comfortable socks possible. Our premium socks are crafted from the ideal cotton blend in order to provide the best performance and durability. It Keeps your fragrance as excellent as your appearance. Keep anyone safe from 

Falls :

On slick wood and stone floors, the grip socks help reduce the risk of falling. You can maintain your balance without wearing bulky home slippers, thanks to the grip. No one won't feel strange stepping on them because the grip substance is undetectable.

Tucketts Women's Allegro

Women’s Allegro :

Where the dexterity of your toes is crucial, such as in gymnastics, trampoline, ice skating, and types of dance.  Where you require greater grip and stability, This Tuckett's provides you with a stable foot to stand on.

Beautiful Design :

These socks have a lovely design and come in a range of hues and patterns to go with any outfit or attitude. They are stickier than the majority of other non-slip socks.  Thanks to the special gripper pattern on the sole. They won't let your feet leave the ground, even if they start to perspire. Even aqua classes and other pool-based workout programs might benefit from the Allegro-style socks. The grippies hold your foot in place, while the upper band keeps the sock on.

Toeless Yoga Socks Material :

The materials are 70 percent cotton, 29 percent polyamide, and 1 percent elastane.

Lightweight Toeless Yoga Socks :

The material composition of Allegro is 70% cotton, 29% polyamide, and 1% elastin.

The lightweight, high-performance fabric allows you to maintain the barefoot feeling. This improves the foot-brain connection.

Due to their exceptional breathability, Yoga Socks are ideal for sweaty circumstances in both cold and warm weather attire.

After each wear, you can wash and let it dry flat for the best maintenance.

They can be dried on low heat after being machine washed on a gentle/delicate cycle.

Ideal For :

  • It helps in Pole dancing, Pilates, yoga, barre, aerial arts, water fitness, ballet, martial arts, gymnastics, trampoline, ice skating, dancing, and slacklining.
  • This is also clothing for leisure, hospital visits, and sleeping.
  • These socks are also for those with webbed toes, bunions, or other odd toe positions Pedicures.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Fantastic sneakers with excellent material and style. That's still too little, though, even though I brought a large. (I wear a 6.5 in the UK) Perhaps they fit tiny feet better!


These stockings are excellent for teaching my group classes.
I use it for mine. They are really comfortable and durable!!!!

Get a grip…

I love these, and I plan on getting more. I live in Florida and I love to be barefoot so wearing these feels like I'm barefoot but it protects the bottom of my feet.

Very lightweight and easy to carry

The socks are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a great option for people who want to practice yoga on the go and the toeless design allows for better flexibility and movement during yoga practice.

Algernon Parsons Green
Highly Recommended Toeless Yoga Socks for Yoga and Pilates Practice

I've recommended these toeless yoga socks to all my friends who practice yoga and Pilates. They're comfortable, provide great grip, and the open-toe design is a game-changer. Plus, they come in fun colors and designs!