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Training Cones Football - 12pcs Orange & White Training Cones Markers Agility Sports Football Soccer

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About Training Cones Football

The Training Cones Football 12 9" Multi-Sport Marker Premium Traffic Cones are applicable for a variety of sports and training exercises. Also, In sports including football, hockey, physical education (PE), and agility training, they are frequently utilized.

Key Features Of Training Cones Football

Numerous Possibilities: 

There is no end to the possibilities of our small, adaptable cones. Moreover, These are perfect for horseback riding lessons, football goal posts, coaching rugby to kids, dog training, and more. In addition, They also increase focus and efficiency when used for training in sports, among other things.

cone for football training

Practical Training Cones Football

Orange & White Training Cones Markers are easy to carry from the park to the beach or wherever else you need them because they are lightweight and convenient in size.


High-grade, durable PP plastic is used to create our trainer cones, which come in vivid orange and white colours. In addition, Items are Robust and sturdy, applicable for heavy use.


They weigh 0.96 kg per set and have dimensions of 15 x 15 x 22 cm. Measuring 9" tall, they are about the right height for children to view them properly without being too tall to pose a problem for trainees.

Special Features -

  • Multi-Sport Use
  • Improve Agility
  • Premium Quality
  • Training Essentials 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good quality

Very useful bright and enough to get my stepson reversing a boat on a trailer great value and when he has finished my grandsons can have them for football training so double value thank you

Great cones easy to store

Great ordered got for bikeability training. Good investment . Just what I needed, bright and easy to see. Couldn’t ask for more

Bright and sturdy

Super well made little cones which we can use for family football practice and all sorts of other things.
Overall, delighted with product!