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Ultrasport Swing Stepper - Mini Stepper Exercise Machine Legs Arms Thigh Toner

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About Ultrasport Swing Stepper, Home Stepper with Wireless Training Computer 

You can use our Ultrasport Swing Stepper  to work out low-impact aerobically while toning and shaping your lower body. Stepper exercises for 20 minutes a day will increase your cardiovascular fitness and tone your hamstring, glute, and calves muscles.

Perfect for working out while watching TV, travelling for business, or working out at home. robust steel design including two textured, non-slip footpads and hydraulic cylinders The swing amplitude is adjustable from 15 to 25 cm, and the pedal height is adjustable from 10 to 38 cm using the tension knob.

You can check the number of steps, burnt calories and  also amount of time elapsed on the visible electronic readout display. Use two free training ropes to perform arm exercises. It has everything need to exercise for the legs. there is also a floor mat to guard your feet. 

Features of Ultrasport Swing Stepper

  • Robust steel design including two textured, non-slip footpads and hydraulic cylinders
  • The adjustable tension knob of it, adjusts the pedal height from 10-38cm, other than this  the swing amplitude from 15-25cm.
  • The steps taken, calories burned, and amount of time elapsed are displayed on the visible electronic readout.
  • Use two free training ropes to perform arm exercises.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews

Product was faulty and I was offered 25% refund which I disputed. I've heard nothing since and now have a faulty product and still out of pocket.

sophie brown
new favorite !

I love the product. It has great quality. Works fine.

wendy ramsdale
Working good

Due to the winter weather making it difficult for me to go for as many walks, I have been using this for the past few months. I have to use it since it makes a noise when I do. another room. Although the counter has never operated, it is functional. I typically only do 3000–4000 steps a day because I work at a desk all day, but using this app for 34–50 minutes in the evening helps me reach 10,000 steps.

sophie brown
Can't wait!

I bought it last week,couldn't get time to use it. I am going to use it this weekend. but thanks for the fast delivery.


They sent me the wrong stepper...I can only assume this because the one that I purchased was listed as a twist stepper...this is ABSOLUTELY NOT a twist stepper, it is a regular cheap one. Emailed them several times to arrange a return, tried everything to get in touch and not had a single response. Therefore I can only conclude that it is a scam. AVOID.