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Water Weights for Pool
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Water Weights for Pool - Exercise Foam Dumbbell Water Dumbbells for Water Aerobics

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About Water Weights for Pool:

The practice of aerobic exercise with water weights for pool, such as a swimming pool, is a type of water aerobics. You can also call it aqua aerobics, aquatic fitness, or aqua fitness workout.

Features of Water Weights for Pool

Comfortable and eco-friendly

Waterproof, tasteless, safe, and also environmentally friendly, EVA material is used to make aquatic dumbbells. The resistance of the barbells will provide your upper body, lower back, and other body parts with a complete workout.

Lightweight and practical

Lightweight and simple to transport. It is suitable for swimming pools, spas, fitness workouts, etc., and can train your arms, shoulders, biceps, legs, cardio, etc.

Excellent water fitness equipment

Swimming, yoga, weight loss, and rehabilitation; swimming pool, beach, and hot springs Adults, kids, the elderly, and postpartum pregnant women can all use it. There can also be fun items for your kids.

Application of Fitness

You can use it in the pool, spa, for fitness exercises, etc.; they are good for both adults and children to use.  Furthermore, Foam dumbbells should not be used as floating devices. 

Water Weights for Pool is easy to install

Carrying Water Weights for Pool around is simple and comfy. Strong handle, substantial plastic, close proximity to PC inner tube, difficult to slide hands Assistance with senior rehabilitation, postpartum weight loss, water exercise, and pleasurable water time.

Suitable for balance and support

Water Weights for Pool
  • Excellent for resistance or support above the water in exercises performed underwater.
  • Dumbbells with round ends provide more resistance for swimming exercises.
  • Very Lightweight and Convenient.
  • Contemporary design which makes it look attractive

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Customer Reviews

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Aremi Morais

I was looking for a pair of weights for water aerobics and these work great and made well for weekly water aerobics class.