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Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser - Cordless Water Flosser Dental Oral Irrigator for Teeth Cleaner 8 Jet Tips

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About Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

The Waterpik cordless water flosser is here to help you maintain excellent oral hygiene and encourage healthier gums. This modern cordless water flosser is made to offer comprehensive and efficient cleaning along the gumline and in between teeth. It's a complete instrument for getting a fresher, cleaner mouth thanks to its flexible features and several jet tips. 

This will elevate your level of oral hygiene. The use of this cutting-edge dental care tool ensures a healthier mouth and fresher breath by conveniently and effectively cleaning between teeth and along the gumline.

Cordless Water Flosser

Features of  Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser

360° Rotation & 8 Nozzles:

With its eight nozzles, this water flosser may be used by the entire family. There are a variety of nozzles available to suit your needs, including conventional nozzles, tongue cleaners, periodontal tips, and orthodontic tips. The internal side that is hard to reach can be readily cleaned thanks to the 360° rotational nozzle design. It is advised to replace the nozzle every three months to maintain hygiene.

5 Cleaning Modes:

The cordless water flosser has a pulse rate of 1000–1400 times per minute and a water pressure range of 50–120 PSI. You can pick from 5 distinct modes: super high (strong modes: 120 PSI), high (pulse modes: 110 PSI), medium (regular modes: 100 PSI), low (gentle modes: 80 PSI), and soft modes: 50 PSI. You should use the gentle settings if you have sensitive gums.

230ML Detachable Water Tank & IPX7 Waterproof:

A 230ML huge water tank is sufficient for continuous oral dental flossing. This cordless water flosser pick consistently prevents water leaking with double-sealing rings, and the non-slip design makes it suitable for use in the shower and bathroom. Because the water tank is removable, you may quickly clean it.

Improve Gum Health, Brightens Teeth:

The cordless water flosser can effectively remove 99.99% of the food residue from every crevice that traditional brushing can't reach thanks to its enhanced unique pulsating technology and 40-120 PSI strong water pressure. Braces that are specifically made for periodontitis.

1800mAh Powerful Battery & USB Cable:

The cordless water dental flosser constructed with the most recent lithium battery technology is portable and rechargeable, and it can operate continuously for up to 30 days after being fully charged in just 4 hours. Included is a USB cable.

Benefits of  Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser 

  • Effectively removes dirt and grime; various jet tips for customized cleaning
  • Cordless construction for ease of use
  • Promotes healthier gums and fresher breath - Adjustable water pressure for comfort - Large water tank minimizes refills
  • Suitable for a range of dental diseases 
  • Travel-friendly for continuous oral care on the go

Tips to Use Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser:

  • A powerful water pulse can effectively remove food particles, tooth stains, tartar, and bacteria from your mouth.
  • The deep cleaning power of the ultrafine water pulse can help your periodontal health.
  • Cleaning your teeth surface more thoroughly than you would with regular dental floss. 
  • Thoroughly brushing your teeth after eating, whether you're at home or out. The best option for you is to use dental floss.
  • Particularly, it is useful for dental implants, dental covers, and teeth that have been repaired. 
  • Assist in creating a healthy habit of maintaining a clean, fresh mouth.
  • 5 Flossing Models to Address All Dental and Gum Conditions

Soft Mode:

Offers 50 PSI water pressure and 1000 gentle water pulses per minute.Perfect for newcomers with sensitive teeth.

Offering an 80 PSI water pressure and 1100 water pulses per minute in the gentle mode.Suitable for children and those with braces. 

Normal Mode:

1300 water pulses per minute, 100 PSI water pressure. Ideal for daily cleansing and removing foul breath.

Strong Mode:

1400 high water pulses per minute; 120 PSI water pressure.99.99% of the plaque between teeth is thoroughly removed.

Pulse Mode:

1400 high water pulses per minute, 80-120 PSI water pressure. Tartar may be removed with ease using a high-frequency pulse and strong water pressure.

For Your Individual Needs, 8*360° Rotatable Nozzle Functions Are Ideal.

5 Standard Nozzle Waterpik Cordless Water Flosser:

An effective cleaner, The interdental spaces are completely cleaned, and any loose deposits are eliminated with a single water jet. Move from one tooth to the next by placing the nozzle tip directly over the gums and applying gentle pressure.

Cleaning orthodontic braces is possible using the included orthodontic nozzle. Food debris in difficult-to-reach areas, such as in between teeth, on orthodontic braces, or on bridges, is removed by the water jet.

1 Periodontal Nozzle:

For optimal dental hygiene, clean the gum pockets. The oral irrigator helps prevent tooth decay and maintains the health of your teeth and gums. Strong water jets enable for the removal of plaque even after brushing your teeth since they clean sensitive gum pockets.

1 Tongue Cleaner Nozzle:

Tongue cleaners can remove bacterial buildup on the tongue, prevent bad breath brought on by poor oral hygiene, and give you fresh breath and a clean mouth.

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The Cordless Water Flosser Dental Irrigator will elevate your dental hygiene routine. Enjoy the advantages of cutting-edge cleaning technology as you get a whiter smile, healthier gums, and a more refreshed sensation all around.

Customer Reviews

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A Dental Game Changer

I had to award the Cordless Advanced Water Flosser a well-earned five stars because it has completely changed the way I take care of my teeth! My teeth and gums are healthier than ever thanks to this elegant and effective gadget, which has elevated dental care to a whole new level.