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Waterproof Pillows for Baths - Luxury Waterproof Home Spa Non-Slip Comfort Bathtub Headrest Cushion

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About Waterproof Pillows for Baths

Luxurious Comfort: 

With our Waterproof Pillows for Baths, you can indulge in the height of relaxation and transform your bathing experience into a sumptuous spa treatment. Dip into the luxurious comfort of this indispensable bath addition, relax, and let the day's worries slip away.

Features of Waterproof Pillows for Baths:

Breathable Comfort:

4D air mesh technology in high-quality bath pillows facilitates easy air and water penetration and speedy drying. To alleviate physical exhaustion and lessen back and neck aches, the middle is additionally thickened and breathable. Unwind from the tension of the day and work!

bathtub neck pillow

Featuring Robust Suction Cups and Hooks:

The bathtub cushion fastens to the bathtub by creating suction on smooth surfaces, thanks to the six suction cups on the cushion. You can suspend the bathtub pillow hook from the towel rail or robe hook in the bathroom or shower. The elegant and highly useful bathroom items are machine washable.

Advanced Craft:

The SPA bathtub cushion is made of soft 4D fabric. That is wrinkle-resistant and has a high-durability polyester fibre 42 by 42 by 6 cm. The waterproof pillows for baths are quick to dry, breathable, absorbent, and easy to clean. They also stop bacteria, mould, and odours from growing.

Sturdy & Washable Waterproof Pillows for Baths:

Use the peel-off card to detach the bath pillow's suction cups after a bath, then sanitise the head of the pillow by hanging it from the hook. You can use a light detergent and cold water to wash our bath pillows. (except for additional clothing). You will appreciate this cosy gift, which has an integrated hook for rapid drying.

Ideal for Any Bathtub:

Excellent for freestanding bathtubs, spas, inflatable whirlpools, bathtubs, whirlpools and bathroom accessories. It also makes a thoughtful gift. When purchasing a bathtub with a headrest, you may relax. To fully rinse the neck pillow after washing it, wipe it off with a cloth and some detergent.

Special Attraction of Waterproof Pillows for Bath

  • The -4D air mesh technology can stop the formation of bacteria, mould, and odours while facilitating easy and quick drying air and water penetration.
  • Six suction cups on the bathtub cushion enable the cushion to be fastened to the bathtub by creating suction on smooth surfaces.
  • You can suspend the bathtub pillow hook from the towel rail or robe hook in the shower or bathroom.
  • The excellent elasticity and support offered by the thick filler material allow you to enjoy yourself comfortably, ease physical strain, and lessen neck and back aches.
  • Ideal for bathtubs, freestanding bathtubs, spas, whirlpool bathtubs, and bathrooms.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Tommy Walter
Great for comfort!

Very comfortable, makes the bath more relaxing for my elderly family members. The suctions work really well, and the plastic coating is waterproof but dries easily so it’s better than other pillows that are made of fabric and won’t dry!


Very comfortable and does not get cold between uses. Good quality. Would recommend. Suction works great. I use it almost every day.