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Weight Lifting Gloves UK - Durahide Leather Weight Lifting Gel Palm Grips Gloves Wrist Support Strap

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About Weight Lifting Gloves UK

To complete high-rep workouts without injuring your hands, use the weight lifting gloves uk. These grips may be folded back on the wrist after use and flattened on the palm for use.

Weight Lifting Gloves UK

Pull-ups, toes to the bar, and any other exercise that puts stress on your grasp can be performed using these palm grips. The palm grip also includes an exclusive Gel pattern. Which gives you an additional bit of grip for the final few reps.

Full Palm Protection & Thicken Palm Pads:

With high-density stereo sponge palm pads and an ergonomic design, Sidewinder weight lifting gloves uk can bridge the space between your hands and the exercise apparatus. Avoid getting blisters, calluses, or tears on your hands.

Wrist Support & Strong Grip Weight Lifting Gloves UK:

Weight lifting gloves uk include anti-slip silica tips on the palms that can improve grip, increase friction, and offer stability. The movable wristband can ease the strain on the wrist and help to avoid sprains.

Short wristbands are suitable for wearing sports watches whereas long wristbands offer more support. Every design is intended to improve hand protection for exceptional exercise enthusiasts.

Breathable & Durable Weight Lifting Gloves UK

The lightweight, thin fabric used for the rear of the gym gloves may be tailored to fit your hands. Allowing your hands to breathe easily and comfortably while engaging in vigorous exercise while preventing sweat and odor. Has great wearability and is made of sturdy material. It's a great option for gifts for athletes.

Humanized Design & Multi-application:

The pull tab design on the finger makes it simple to remove the gloves after working out without turning them over.

Additionally, sweat can be wiped off with extremely absorbent terry cloth. Weightlifting, pull-ups, exercise, fitness, gym training, and general workouts are all appropriate uses for these training gloves.

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Customer Reviews

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They do their job!

I thought they'd look ridiculous in my group exercise circuit training classes, but they kind of mix in with my gloves. I use them at the stations I require (deadlifts, pull-ups, etc.) and then wrap them around my wrist so they don't get in the way of the stations I don't use them for. They're a touch flappy when not in use, but they keep out of the way.