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Wide Brimmed Cricket Hat - Cricket Floppy Hat Cricket Sun Hat

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About Wide Brimmed Cricket Hat

We adore the traditional cricketing look. flawless whites, crease-free, and spotless shoes. One item is all that is required to finish the look. An old-fashioned wide brimmed cricket hat is that thing. The Gray-Nicolls floppy hat is a stylish, cozy, and safe accessory that will keep you covered from the sun all day.

Design of Wide Brimmed Cricket Hat

Typically, manufacturers make cricket sun hats using lightweight and breathable materials such as cotton or polyester. The wide brim helps to shade the face, neck, and ears from direct sunlight.

Wide Brimmed Cricket Hat

Sun Protection:

The primary purpose of a cricket sun hat is to provide sun protection to the cricketer. The wide brim helps to block harmful UV rays, reducing the risk of sunburn and sun-related health issues.


Good cricket sun hats have ventilation holes or mesh panels to allow airflow and keep the head cool. This helps in preventing excessive sweating and discomfort during extended periods of play.

Adjustable Fit Wide Brimmed Cricket Hat:

Many cricket sun hats have an adjustable strap or drawstring to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. This allows players to customize the hat's size according to their head shape and size.


Fielders, who spend long periods under the sun while fielding, primarily wear cricket sun hats. However, batsmen and bowlers may also wear them during breaks or when not actively involved in the game.

Care and Maintenance:

To maintain their shape and durability, you should handle cricket sun hats with care. You can typically hand-wash or machine-wash them following the manufacturer's instructions.

Size - 

  • Small - 51-54cm
  •  Medium - 55-58cm
  • Large - 59-60cm
  •  X-Large - 61-62cm

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Comfort and style

Comfortable and with details that make the difference. Absorbent inner band, dark green in the inner part of the hat wing to avoid reflections.