Winter Golf Fairway Mat
Winter Golf Mat
Golf Fairway Mat

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Winter Golf Fairway Mat - Golf Couse Protect Mat During Winter

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About Winter Golf Fairway Mat

A winter golf fairway mat, also known as a multi mat is a specialized mat designed for golfers to practice their shots during the winter months or in areas where the ground is frozen or unsuitable for regular golfing. These mats allow golfers to simulate hitting shots from a fairway-like surface indoors or on hard ground surfaces.

Winter Golf Fairway Mat

Key Features Of Winter Golf Fairway Mat

  • Durable and flexible proprietary plastic blend that will not break when mis-hit, even when frozen to minus 20 degrees Celsius.
  • Both sides of the mat have grippers that limit movement during shots.
  • Even on the steepest slopes, recessed sections hinder ball movement.
  • Lightweight double-sided design with a choice of two playing surfaces and two colors.
  • There are no pieces to lose, replace, or damage with this double-ended one-piece plastic molding.
  • Compact and portable. Measures just 15.5" x 4.5".
  • Lasts for many years.

Specialties of Winter Golf Fairway Mat

Heavy Rubber Base:

The sophisticated bottom texture and weighted three-layer structure boost grip and keep the mat from sliding. The rubber backing absorbs impact well, protecting your wrists and clubs.

Rubber Ball Tray:

It can assist in keeping balls organized and easy to scoop out by clubs, allowing you to focus on your games. The ball tray has a capacity of 12 golf balls.

Dual Turf Design Winter Golf Fairway Mat:

The golf mat features both a long grass surface and a short grass surface, each serving a specific purpose. The long surface is ideal for chipping, while the short surface is suitable for swinging. The hitting pad accurately simulates real turf, aiding in the development of your golf skills.

Resist Tearing, Fadding, Wearing and Separation:

Slop edges keep the turf from ripping off, making the striking mat more sturdy and durable in all-weather situations.

It's important to note that while winter golf fairway mats can provide a useful practice solution during colder months or in certain conditions, they do not fully replicate the experience of hitting shots from natural grass. Thus, it's recommended to combine mat practice with regular on-course practice whenever possible.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Compulsory on my course

We are required to use mats on the course where I play because of certain restrictions. I tried a few different ones, but this one is by far the best since it is sturdy, the ball sits up nicely, and you can even turn it over and insert a tee into it.

Great for practice indoors.

I wanted to learn chipping quickly because I had a busy job schedule. If you need a net to catch all of your practice balls and a target to shoot at, this net is ideal. While the foam balls work well indoors, you may also practice with real golf balls in the net.

RELX 8376

Saves the course in wet conditions by providing the player with a superb lie and is excellent as an enlinement aid.

john berry
Good product

I have used this mat for two full winters and have now started using again.
It is still in good condition.
Easy to clean and use. I have no problem with it moving and never peg it down.
Just put your ball on it and hit the shot otherwise it will slow play too much.

Perfect for chipping practice in garden

I bought this purely to practice chipping in the garden, and avoid an uneven lie for the ball and wearing out the grass. It is perfect for what I need. It is robust and seems well made. one review stated that it is quite heavy, this is true, I would n't want to lug it around all the time in a practice bag.There is no strong odour on my mat, as some other reviews mention. The mat is more expensive than others, but it is good quality. thoroughly recommended.