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Wireless Phone Charger - 20W Fast Wireless Charger for iPhone 14,13, 1 1,X,8 & Samsung Galaxy S series

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About Wireless Phone Charger

Specifically created for iPhone users who require efficiency, speed, and convenience. Our 20W fast wireless phone charger will enhance your charging experience. With lightning-fast wireless charging that keeps your iPhone ready for action, bid adieu to tangled connections.

Features of Wireless Phone Charger

Blazing-fast Charging:

With our 20W fast wireless phone charger, which is only intended for iPhone users who require effectiveness, speed, and convenience, you may enhance your charging experience. Wireless charging that happens lightning quick and keeps your iPhone ready for activity is a welcome replacement for tangled cables.

Intelligent Wireless Phone Charger:

The charger has intelligent technology that recognizes the power needs of your device and modifies the output to avoid overcharging and maximize battery life.

20W Fast Wireless Charging Pad:

It charges quickly with the new 20W wireless charger pad. Compatible with all phones that support wireless charging. Except those that don’t offer fast charging.

Case Compatibility & Safety:

The majority of phone cases are compatible with wireless phone charger. So you don't need to take it off to charge your phone wirelessly. However, if your phone case has any metal parts or attachments, please make sure its thickness is less than ≤8 mm for optimal charging results.

With its numerous protections, including anti-overcurrent, anti-overheating, anti-short circuit, and anti-overvoltage features, this 20W wireless phone charger is the newest on the market. It guarantees a secure, excellent charge.

Compact and Sleek appearance:

The charger's contemporary, sleek appearance complements any decor in your house or place of business. It's ideal for traveling because of its small size.

Secure & Safe Wireless Phone Charger:

Safe and worry-free charging is ensured by many safety measures, such as short-circuit, over-current, and over-temperature protection.

Wireless Phone Charger

LED Indicator:

You can immediately determine whether your device is charging thanks to this understated LED light that shows the charging status.

Case-friendly Wireless Phone Charger:

Most cases allow you to charge your iPhone through them without taking them off, which will save you time and hassle.

Non-slip Design:

To keep your iPhone firmly in position when charging, the charger is made of anti-slip material.

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Customer Reviews

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fast charging at a good price

I purchased a second one for my office because I like it so much. I now have one at work and one at my home office. My charging method was altered. Since charging at my desk is so quick and easy, I no longer charge at night. I adore it.