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Wooden Balance Boards - 32" D Street Mandala Original Balance Board

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About Wooden Balance Boards

The D Street Wooden Balance Boards Mandala Original Natural 32" is a training aid for balance. That aims to enhance coordination, stability, and core strength. Fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and anybody else wishing to use their core muscles and increase general body control will find it to be a fun and difficult approach to improve their balancing skills.

Features of Wooden Balance Boards

Core Strength:

As you strive to stabilize yourself while using a balance board, your core muscles are worked. This may result in increased stability and core strength over time.

Wooden Balance Boards

Better Balancing Wooden Balance Boards:

Regular usage of a balancing board will enhance your proprioception and balance, thereby improving your performance in a variety of sports and activities that require stability. Additionally, it can contribute to increasing your overall body coordination and control, which are essential for maintaining proper form and technique.


Your overall coordination and body control might get better as you get better at controlling the board's movement.

Balance training on a board is a low-impact workout. Making it appropriate for individuals with varying levels of fitness as well as those who are recovering from injuries.

32" Wooden Balance Boards:

The length of the board is probably meant when the size 32" is mentioned. A longer board can accommodate a greater variety of moves and exercises and offer more room for foot positioning.

Anti-Slip Surface:

Manufacturers typically design the surfaces of wooden balance boards to be non-slip, providing traction to prevent slipping while using the board.

Multidirectional Movement Wooden Balance Boards:

Because the balancing board has this feature, you can tilt it in different directions to work different muscles and enhance your balance from all sides.

A visually stunning and useful balancing training item is the D Street balancing Board Mandala Original Natural 32". Make sure the product satisfies your requirements and preferences in terms of size, appearance, and functionality before making a purchase. If you're new to balancing training, start with exercises at the beginner level and always adhere to safety precautions.


Customer Reviews

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jen g.
Great board

Impressed with the quality of this board. No sharp edges. Looks good and 3 year old loves it. Uses it as a slide for her and her toys, a bridge, a seat but not yet for use as a wobble board as she’s using it in so many other ways.