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Yoga Bolster Cushions - Buckwheat Yoga Bolster UK, Yoga Studio EU Pranayama Organic Buckwheat Exercise Meditation Yoga Bolster

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About Yoga Bolster Cushions

We are bringing you the best hugger-mugger standard Yoga Bolster Cushions UK for you. 100% best quality hugger-mugger standard yoga bolster

Yoga Bolster Cushions

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This meditation bolster is commonly used in restorative yoga for passive stretching. It can help you relax and open up your body. This is an excellent yoga prop for stretching and body support.

This is made of Recron and has distinctive spring-like crimps for added flexibility. When performing yoga, the use of Recron filling gives firmness and comforting support.

The recron bolster provides a stronghold during stretching and provides great firmness and comfort. This yoga bolster is perfect for usage in studios, spas, gyms, and schools.

The machine-washable organic outer cover is easily removable. The inner and outer coverings include zippers, making it simple to add and remove the filling.

The rectangular bolster is available in Grey colors and measures 24cm wide, 61cm long, and 14.5cm high. It weighs 3.9kg and complies with UK furniture and furnishing fire requirements.

If you need any specific color, you can mention while ordering.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Ultimate Yoga Prop

my practice has become so much more effective and enjoyable. The pliable shape allows me to use it in countless poses from forward folds to lays to shoulders stands.

Perfect Yoga Companion

This bolster has become an essential prop for my home yoga routine, allowing me to deepen stretches, target specific muscles, and relax more fully into postures.


This Buckwheat Yoga Bolster is ideal for poses used in restorative yoga, as the name suggests. It is both soft and firm enough to be comfortable while offering support. I appreciate that it has a cover that can be removed for simple cleaning, and the size is perfect.


This Buckwheat Yoga Bolster has become my ultimate yoga companion. It gives me just the right amount of comfort and support when I practice yoga. I appreciate that it is created in the UK and that organic materials were used. I heartily urge any yoga devotee to try it!

Arabella Knight
My ultimate yoga companion

This buckwheat yoga bolster has become my ultimate yoga companion. It provides the perfect amount of support and comfort during my yoga sessions. Highly recommend it to any yoga enthusiast!