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Yoga Bricks UK - Yoga Block EVA by RDX, High Density Eva Foam, Yoga Brick, Easy Grip Surface

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About Yoga Bricks UK

Bringing Balance

With the RDX EVA Foam Yoga Bricks UK, you can cultivate healthy energy flow by bringing balance and alignment to your form and daily life. Your home gym will benefit from the dimensions of 23x15x9.8cm. The lightweight and compact design allows for block-assisted yoga practice anywhere—in your home or under the shade of a massive oak tree.

Excellent Material

The sturdy, high-density foam yoga block provides outstanding strength to assist you in extending your poses and maintains its position even under heavy weight. It also holds shape after all types of compression, ensuring long-term durability. The Eva foam material provides a non-abrasive surface that promotes comfort while flexing and stretching during practice or easing into restorative positions.

Enhances Flexibility

To deepen stretches, enhance flexibility, and alter postures to your difficulty level, place a yoga brick under your hands and feet. It can also be used as a meditation cushion under your head and body to help you relax and maintain good posture. The soft block is softer on the joints and muscles during arm balances and backbends, reducing muscle strain.

Yoga Bricks UK

Product Features - 

  • HIGH-DENSITY The yoga blocks' EVA FOAM CONSTRUCTION withstands all types of compression, has a high load-bearing capacity, and provides remarkable strength. A must-have piece of yoga equipment for any home gym
  • Ideal YOGA POSTURES aid yoga beginners and those who need a little additional assistance with challenging yoga poses and meditation practices. Weighs 2 pounds and is a flexible and elegant complement to your yoga supplies.
  • Enjoy MAXIMUM COMFORT with a unique yoga block that will aid you in a variety of yoga poses by decreasing muscular stress. It can also function as a wrist support wedge, calf raise block, handstand block, pelvic wedge, and sacral wedge.
  • ANTI-SLIP TEXTURED Top for traction and dependable support; increased stability and balance for movement control; and improved alignment in your poses. Beginners, intermediates, and expert yogis of all ages and levels are welcome.
  • Style WITH beveled EDGES A yoga block (23x15x9.8cm) is ideal for use as a balance cushion beneath the head or torso to promote comfort in restorative positions. Excellent for intermediate to advanced yogis eager to explore new and intriguing yoga poses.

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Customer Reviews

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Really strong block. I use in a barre and for plates.
Very fashionable. Would suggest.