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Bike Rear Light - USB LED Bike Tail Light Bicycle Horn Alarm Turn Signals Brake Light

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About Bike Rear Light

Smart 5-in-1 Featured Bike Rear Light:

Bike Rear Light, Includes five functions in one unit. An automatic brake light, an anti-theft vibration alert, a rear light, turn signals, and an electronic bike horn. It guarantees your safety when biking, particularly at night.

Then, to deter theft and offer extra security for your bike, arm it with the alarm function and turn off the remote after riding. You can save money and space on your bike with five functions. A reasonably priced and useful bike accessory.

Bike Rear Light

Turn Signals on Bicycles That Make Clicking Noises:

Simply push the remote's R/L button to cause the handlebar to clamp before turning, and click sounds will accompany the flashing of the right and left turn signals. From a distance, other vehicles and pedestrians will be able to hear and see you, as well as predict your exact riding route.

Smart Bicycle Brake Light With Integrated G Sensor:

When you apply the brakes, the rear light will automatically illuminate for two seconds. Alerting other vehicles in your rearview mirror and preventing rear-end crashes and accidents.

NOTE: Only the Slow Flashing, Breathing, Fast Blinking, and Steady Light modes of the bicycle brake light function work.

6 Mode Bike Rear Light:

Six light modes are conveniently selectable using a remote. Bike rear light is exceptionally broad and extremely bright, with 31 premium LED lights. That provide up to 160 lumens of intense flashing light to warn oncoming traffic both at night and during the day. OFF, Emergency Light, Steady Light, Fast Blinking, Breathing, and Slow Flashing Six ways

Vibration Alarm With 7 Sensitivity Levels:

Vibration-activated anti-theft bicycle alarms can efficiently discourage criminals, offer extra security, and ease your mind when parking your car outside. Sensitivity is simply adjustable with seven settings, ranging from a gentle touch to a push or beat, depending on your needs.

Bike Horn With 3 Sounds:

With an electric bicycle horn feature, you may alert traffic and pedestrians to your approach by pressing the remote to produce a 110 dB sound. You have three options for horn sounds: the sound of an electric car's horn, a birdcall, or both.

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Customer Reviews

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attractive light

This is more than just a bike blinker—the various digital characters that change at random make everything happier. It is incredibly well-built, delivered quickly, and packaged flawlessly. It is quite easy to charge, and it has a stunning display day or night.