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Camping Sleep Mats - Camping Mat Roll Up Foil Mat Waterproof Eva Foam Yoga Insulated Sleeping Tent

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About Camping Sleep Mats:

A camping sleep mats roll-up foil mat refers to a type of mat used for camping or outdoor activities. It is designed to provide insulation, waterproofing, and comfort while sleeping or practicing activities like yoga inside a tent. 


    Multi-purpose Use:

    Camping sleep mats are ideal for camping, climbing, and mountaineering since they keep cold and wetness at bay. Because of its lightweight, it may also be utilized for other activities such as picnics, exercises, and so on.

    Camping Sleep Mats

    Super Soft Foam:

    The roll mat is  a combo of very soft foam with an aluminum foil backing to keep your body heat from seeping into the ground.

    Outdoor and Indoor:

    Ideal for a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational activities. All-weather comfort and durability. Waterproof and simple to clean.

    Lightweight and Easy Storage :

    The camping sleep mats are extremely light and rolls up for convenient storage, making them suitable for use with any camping or trekking knapsack.

    Key Features:

    • Roll-Up Design
    • Waterproof and Insulated
    • Eva Foam Construction
    • Roll-Up Design
    • Versatility

    When using a camping sleep mats roll-up foil mat, it's important to ensure that You are placing the mat is properly on a flat and debris-free surface inside your tent.

    However, this helps prevent punctures and maintains the longevity of the mat. Additionally, please follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding care and cleaning to prolong its lifespan.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Light weight and bulky

    Stores easily, and is good quality


    For the price its great I use imbetween my underquilt and hammock when it's freezing

    Lightweight super comfortable camping mat

    I bought this for my daughter to use under her sleeping bag while camping at a music festival. She stated that she never anticipated to sleep that well.

    Great to keep you warm when camping

    Very light weight camping mat to use under another roll mat. The corner has ripped off slightly due to the elastic wrap which holds it together.

    Good enough for price

    Good enough for the floor on an overnight stay with someone, not quite enough for camping. For price its good value.