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Cool Wraps for Neck - Reusable Neck Cooling Ring Wearable Cooling Neck Wraps For Outdoor Summer Heat

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About Cool Wraps for Neck

On warm days, a cool wraps for neck is a wearable device that can keep you cool. Typically, it is constructed from a soft, stretchy material that has cooling gel in it. The gel inside the tube helps to keep you cool by absorbing the body heat.

Anyone can use it for running, hiking, or other outdoor sports or gatherings. A fantastic means of maintaining comfort while exercising outside.  Headaches and migraines can both be well treated with neck cooling tubes.

Key Features of  Cool Wraps for Neck

The cool wraps for neck make use of cutting-edge cooling technology that is water-activated. Wear the tube around your neck after soaking it in water and wringing away the excess. 

Cool Wraps for Neck

Lightweight and Breathable:

The cloth that makes up the cool wraps for neck is of the highest caliber, is lightweight, and is breathable. Since it feels soft against the skin, great comfort is guaranteed with the versatile use of neck cooling tubes.

Use of Cool Wraps for Neck:

Though it is typically designed for the neck, so that it provides comfort to the neck, you can use these tubes in a variety of ways.

You can also wear it as a face mask,  a bracelet, a headband, or even a headband to protect your skin from the sun.

In the hot weather outside, if you are hiking, biking, playing sports, running, or spending the day near the beach, the Cooling Neck Tube is your best companion to beat the weather smartly.

Benefits of Using Cool Wraps for Neck

  • On warm days, a cooling neck tube is a wearable device that can keep you cool. 
  • It is made from a soft, stretchy material that has cooling gel in it. The gel helps to keep you cool by absorbing body heat. 
  •  Cooling neck tubes can be used while exercising outside like hiking, biking, or running. It helps to stay cool.
  • Also, they can be used to treat  severe headache & migraine

If you are going out for an outdoor adventure, then the cool wraps for neck are the exact equipment to beat the heat and keep you calm in hot weather. With this essential cooling item, you can stay cool, stay active, and fully enjoy the summer!

Specialty of Cool Wraps for Neck

  • Typically it's about 12 inches long & wide is 6 inches.
  • You can wear them either under or over your clothes.
  • To Provide extra cooling, keep it in the refrigerator or cooler.

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RELX 8689
Thank you!!! Love it!

It melted while I was seated at the restaurant, so the waiter put it in a basin of ice and water, and in about ten minutes, it totally froze again! I was overjoyed! I'm purchasing these as presents!