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Electric Nail Clippers - Baby Nail File Kit Trimmer Toddler Toes Trim Nails Polish Care

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About Electric Nail Clippers

Electric nail clippers are a grooming tool specifically designed for trimming and caring for the nails of babies and toddlers. 

Key Features Of Electric Nail Clippers

Safe and Painless:

By integrating the capabilities of a baby nail file and a baby nail clipper. The improved baby nail trimmer is expertly developed for baby nail cutting. For SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY trimming and polishing baby and child's fingernails, both ends include LED lights. While the file pads are strong enough to file nails. They are also delicate enough to avoid damaging cuticles or nail beds. 

Baby Nail Trimmer

8-in-1 Electric Nail Clippers Set:

There are six filing heads in each electric nail file set. Three coloured sandpaper file pads that are suitable for babies and kids have different textures and are suited for different developmental stages and baby needs.

One metal grinding head, one cylindrical filing disc, and one filing head for polishing are provided for adults. Therefore, adults, as well as newborns, infants, toddlers, and children aged 0 to 12 months or older, can use this manicure set. 

Easy to Use:

With just one button to adjust speed, rotation (clockwise or reverse), and off, the electric nail file is simple to operate. When clipping the fingernails on various hands. The electric nail clippers give you the option to select the rotational direction and speed. Toenails and fingernails become softer and smoother with 360° all-around superb polishing. 

Whisper Quiet & LED Lighted:

A strong yet WHISPER QUIET engine powers the electric nail clippers. You may use it in the dark to trim your baby's nails even while they are asleep thanks to the built-in gentle LED light! 

Anti-fly-up Design & USB Rechargeable:

The infant nail clipper with an anti-fly-up design makes cleanup simple; all you have to do is pour the nail fragments out to clean up. Rechargeable by USB; no need to change the batteries. Simply put the provided charging cable into a USB outlet to start the lengthy battery life, which lasts for 3.5 hours when fully charged in 3 hours. 

Easy to Clean:

The kit is made to be simple to maintain and clean. To maintain sanitary nail care, the filing heads or attachments can be removed and cleaned with water or mild disinfectants.

Features -

  • Portability and Battery Power

  • Quiet Operation

  • Electric Nail File

  • Safety Guards

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