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Electric Nail Trimmers - Electric Baby Nail File Kit Clippers Trimmer Toddler Toes Trim Nails Polish Care

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About Electric Nail Trimmers

Maintain Your & Your Baby Hygiene at Top Notch Level: 

Presenting the Newborn Baby Safety Electric Nail Trimmers, a soft and practical method for cutting your newborn baby's delicate nails safely. With the safety and comfort of your baby in mind, this electric nail clipper is designed to offer a hassle-free and worry-free way to maintain their nails.

Electric Nail Trimmers

Details of Electric Nail Trimmers:

When using an electric grinding method as opposed to a traditional cutting method, the baby nail trimmer may rapidly and safely trim and polish small toenails and fingernails. 

  • It has 6 different grinding heads.
  • Blue for babies aged 0 to 3 months
  • Orange for babies aged 4 to 11 months,
  • Pink for babies aged 12 months and above,
  • Metal and white for polishing nails,
  • A cylindrical grinding head for adults. 
  • Lightweight, one-button, portable, and simple to use whether at home or on vacation.
  • Powered by 2pcs AA batteries.

Features Of Electric Nail Trimmers


You may quickly trim and polish your baby's tiny fingernails and toes without endangering their fragile nail beds or cuticles.


Since it has a whisper-quiet motor, you can quietly trim and manicure their toenails or fingernails while they are fast asleep.

6 Heads:

Six different grinding heads are included in the six-in-one design to accommodate the various needs of both youngsters and adults.

LED Light System:

LED light is extremely brilliant and stable, effectively enabling use at night.

4-Speed Settings:

You can use either your right or left hand to operate the 4 speeds (high/low and clockwise/reverse).

To cut your baby's little, delicate nails, use the Newborn Baby Safety Electric Nail Clippers. This nail clipper can make clipping your baby's nails easier for both of you due to its gentle and effective design, electric operation, and baby-friendly features. This item can be incorporated into your infant care routine to assist in maintaining your baby's nails while putting their comfort and safety first.

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Customer Reviews

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User Friendly

These two are mine! When someone I know has a new baby, I buy them this! It is a need without exception! It's simple, quick, and painless to use! It neatens a baby's nails without risk of skin cuts! I also use this on my little child! Among the best items for babies!