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Ems Hips Trainer - Hip Trainer Butt Lift Stimulator , Hip Trainer, Hip Trainer Butt Trainer Gluteus Buttock Stimulator Bum Push Up Massager Toner

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EMS Hip Trainer Butt Lift Stimulator

  • The EMS Hip Trainer Butt Lift Stimulator transmits signals directly to muscles and encourages movement.
  • It is used for weight reduction and muscle building, assisting in fat burning and muscle growth, and working your muscles while reducing weight.
  • The EMS Hips Trainer not only  assist in regulating, tightening, but also toning the buttocks to contour the hips and produce the ideal figure!

    EMS technology uses electrical stimulation to transfer impulses to the muscles directly and encourages muscular activity to simulate lifting and pushing.
  • To feel more confident, raise the hips' natural curve and create a lovely shape.
Ems Hips Trainer

Ingenious Design Ems Hips Trainer:

  • The updated remote control is more user-friendly and adaptable.
  • High-end technology, conductive electrical pulses, powerful forces, sensitivity, and no tingling are all features of the controller.
  • A skin-friendly hydrogel that is durable and won't break down over time.
  • Very thin and compact to use. In addition to, it is portable & travel friendly.

Adjustable Mode: 

There are six models and 15 intensity settings to help you burn fat and build muscle.  Also using a remote control, you can quickly modify the setting to meet your physical demands and make adjustments as needed.

Simple to Use and Safe Ems Hips Trainer Butt Lift Stimulator:

  • The Bum Training Device Our bum toner equipment is non-toxic, pleasant on the skin, more secure, and long-lasting. Its ergonomic U-shaped pad design allows for excellent hip adhesion and a perfect fit for the buttocks. This hip trainer is portable and lightweight due to its tiny size.
  • You can work out whenever you choose, whether at home, in the gym, or in the workplace. To begin the exercise, just secure the pads around your body and push the button.
  • To assure you that we are offering you the highest standard of muscle toning that you can experience at home or on the go, our electronic Hip Muscle Trainer bears a CE certification of quality. We try to deliver the best workout quality with our modern muscle stimulator machine.

Give Your Loved Ones This Home Exercise Equipment:

We take pleasure in producing exercise equipment that is simple to use in the comfort of your own home. Our pelvic muscle trainer, with its cutting-edge technology, is a wonderful gift for your loved ones. Both men and women may use this bum trainer, which is perfect for office workers, gym attendees, new mothers, long-haul drivers, and housewives, to mention a few.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Easy to use

Very easy to use. Hopefully will see some results soon, only used it for a week. Works really well though, I can definitely feel it!

Rose Morris
Requires Additional Effort

it can provide some toning and lifting benefits, it is not a substitute for regular exercise, and additional effort is still required to see significant results.

Matthew Cooper
Portable and Lightweight

The Bum Push Up Massager Toner is portable and lightweight, making it a great travel companion for those who don't want to skip their glute workout while on the go.

Daisy Campbell
Great for Sensitive Skin

I have sensitive skin, and I appreciate how comfortable and non-invasive this buttock stimulator is, making it a great choice for those with similar skin types.

David Reed
Great for Busy Schedules

I appreciate how affordable and convenient this hip trainer is, and it allows me to work on my glutes even when I have a busy schedule.