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Foam Roller for Back - Foam Fitness Roller Deep Tissue Gym Massage Grid Muscle Trigger Point Muscles

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About Foam Roller for Back

Reduce Muscle Achievers & Speed Up Your Recovery Time:

Using a core balance grid foam roller for back, eases aches, pains, and tense muscles. To release soft-tissue adhesions and target sore trigger points, or muscle knots. That may form following exercise, roll your muscles over the roller.

Foam Roller for Back

Deeper Penetrating Myofascial Release: Foam Roller for Back

For more deeply penetrating myofascial relief, the foam roller for back has an external foam grid and a hollow plastic core. The bumps target, loosen, and release tight muscle knots far more efficiently than the hands and fingers of a massage.

Increase Your Performance for Maximum Results:

By rolling your muscles, you can enhance blood and oxygen flow to the affected area and eliminate toxins. Rolling before an exercise will help you perform better. Rolling after a workout can speed up your recovery and keep you injury-free.

Foam Formation for Softness When You Roll:

EVA foam, which is firm enough to provide a deep muscle massage without feeling overly harsh when rolling, was used in the creation of the roller. The fact that EVA doesn't deteriorate with time even after heavy use is another advantage of this material.

Flexible and Portable Foam Roller for Back:

The dimensions of the massage roller are 33 x 14 x 14 cm. You can conveniently store and bring it to the gym, yoga lessons, Pilates sessions, and other locations thanks to its lightweight and compact design. To ensure hygiene and prolonged use, it may also be wiped clean.

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Customer Reviews

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Well Priced Massage Roller For Recovery

This massage roller is helping my husband’s tight back muscles relax. I use it for my neck pain. A price that does not break our bank.